CBL Data Recovery Technologies Inc.

CBL Data Recovery Technologies Inc.

June 14, 2007 10:29 ET

Flooding and Looming East Coast Hurricane Season Could Threaten Critical Business Data in Canada

Even organizations with data backups may still find themselves caught between a sandbag and an inaccessible hard drive

MARKHAM, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - June 14, 2007) - Threat of flooding means companies and residents in vulnerable areas should be prepared for the possibility of data loss due to water-damaged computers. However, Canadians can take some solace as data on computers subjected to such extreme conditions is often salvageable.

Small and medium-sized business recently caught off guard by melting snow and torrential rains in Western Canada and companies affected by unexpected flash floods in Hamilton, Ontario last month may believe data residing on computers exposed to or submerged in floodwaters is irretrievable. CBL Data Recovery Technologies Inc. has resurrected data from frozen, fried and soggy, mud-filled hard drives at its laboratory in the Toronto suburb of Markham.

"You'd be surprised how much damage a computer hard drive can endure, but many companies write off damaged data storage media prematurely," says Bill Margeson, president and CEO, CBL Data Recovery Technologies Inc. "Our skilled technicians have recovered data from hard drives which have been seriously soiled by mud slides, melted by infernos and buffeted by heavy storms."

While the melting of snow and rain in Western Canada have been the recent catalysts for rivers to overflow their banks, hurricanes and storms are often the cause of flooding and resultant computer damage. The U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) predicts a 75 per cent likelihood of greater activity in this year's Atlantic hurricane season. There could be 13 to 17 named tropical storms, with seven to 10 becoming hurricanes.

On average, the Atlantic hurricane season brings 11 named storms, with six becoming hurricanes, including two major hurricanes, according to the NOAA. This makes the Maritimes a prime target for flooding and Maritimes-based companies the potential victims of data loss.

Even organizations with data backups may still find themselves caught between a sandbag and an inaccessible hard drive.

Data is a critical element of the operations of Canadian businesses. When access to data is denied and companies suffer data loss, it can cripple some organizations. If it is not floodwaters rising which force businesses and employees to flee town, it could be data loss that will drive them out of business, especially smaller firms.

When Canadian companies suffer data loss at the hands of Mother Nature, human error or faulty hardware, a disaster recovery plan should include data recovery. Businesses should also explore with their insurance companies what exposure they may have or what coverage exists for businesses losses or intellectual property losses.

"Disaster recovery plans aren't just about replacing damaged, water-logged carpets," adds Margeson. "Data loss isn't something that you can just shove under the carpet."

CBL is Canada's independent data recovery specialist. Its team of data recovery experts recovers data from all forms of digital storage media regardless of the manufacturer's platform or operating system in its laboratory in Markham, Ontario. CBL serves customers directly and through a national network of partners and agents. The CBL Data Recovery Corporate Customer Program provides registered businesses a discount on data recovery services when data loss disaster strikes. In addition, affected storage media may be sent to CBL through participating The UPS Store and Mailboxes Etc. retail locations across Canada at no charge to customers.

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