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January 06, 2015 10:00 ET

FLOOME Smartphone Breathalyzer Launches With Italian Design, Social Panache and Accuracy

For Safety, Accurate Blood Alcohol Content Measurement and Easy Access to Cabs, Bring FLOOME Next Time You Go Drinking

LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwired - Jan 6, 2015) - CES - Booth 75728/Sands Expo - When you drink, FLOOME. That is going to be the new line for anyone enjoying a pint of beer or a pastel cocktail at the local watering hole. FLOOME is the new smartphone breathalyzer that combines chic, award-winning Italian design, elegant shape and feel with very accurate blood alcohol concentration (BAC) measurement. FLOOME, from 2045Tech, launches today at CES. (Try FLOOME at booth 75728, Sands Expo/Eureka Park.)

Providing a unique user experience in size, shape, social features and app functionality, FLOOME will be available in the US later this year. Attaching to the audio jack of your smartphone, FLOOME sports a battery that never needs to be charged or replaced, does not require any warm up time or calibration and makes it fun to measure and share your blood alcohol content (BAC).

"FLOOME is a brand new way to have fun and stay in control when you drink," says Fabio Penzo, CEO, 2045Tech, which created FLOOME. "FLOOME can help you to call for a ride home or find food nearby if you have had too much to drink. Or, you can share your BAC to let your friends know whether you need help or, if you have not been drinking, you can let them know that you can safely drive them home. FLOOME fits in your purse or pocket, feels good to the touch and can be a new drinking buddy whenever you go out. That's why we say, 'If you drink, FLOOME.'"

Delivers accurate info with a fun app in a chic device

A highly accurate breathalyzer, FLOOME utilizes a flow meter and the fuel cell sensors used in professional breathalyzers to detect ethanol molecules to determine the BAC. FLOOME works with iOS, Windows and Android smartphones, easily connecting through the phone's audio jack. After blowing into the device, the BAC is calculated based on your physical characteristics (gender, age, weight) and the information is reported through the app. 

In addition to the BAC, the app tells you approximately how long you will need to wait to possibly be under the legal limit to drive, reminds you when to take another test, calls a cab or other ride service and shows you nearby restaurants. The device has a removable mouthpiece which can be cleaned so it is easy to share.

FLOOME's app includes social features such as sharing your BAC in a selfie photo overlay for posting to Facebook, Twitter and other networks, and a social map highlighted with your location and your BAC so your friends can see where are, if you are safe to get home or might need some assistance.

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About 2045Tech

2045Tech is an Italian start-up company that develops devices that combine innovative technology with beautiful design. Founded by a team of friends and colleagues at the University of Padua, Italy, 2045Tech is introducing FLOOME, its first product, to the US market. For more information, visit

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