July 16, 2008 03:04 ET

FLOR Carpet Tiles Make 2008 Interior Design Predictions a Reality

Interior Design Trends Fall Right Into Line With What FLOR Has to Offer

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - July 16, 2008) - Eco-friendly design, high contrast color and texture combinations, understated "whispering" luxury, and purest whites to the softest ivories -- these were four of the top 10 interior design trends predicted for 2008 by popular decorating site And the wide range of colors, textures and materials available in FLOR carpet tiles makes them the perfect solution for each.

Eco-friendly design -- featured earlier this year at both High Point Market and Dwell on Design -- is near the top of everyone's list this year. FLOR is an environmental pioneer. In fact, their carpet tiles are currently featured in the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry's new green exhibit: "Smart Home: Green + Wired," which runs until January 4, 2009.

As for contrast, a variety of patterns such as FLOR's new Stampede are high contrast at its best, as are a number of other FLOR patterns. But the beauty of carpet tiles is that you can custom design your own pattern, whether you prefer high contrast or something more subtle. Carpet tiles are also available with several textures -- everything from delicate sculpturing to nubbly Berbers and twisted shags.

However, nothing could be more aptly described as "whispering" luxury than FLOR's Martha Stewart Floor Designs line. The soft, plush Tonal Quartet in moonlit hues welcome you to the bedroom and dark wood floors accented with Tufted Frond in pale reed typifies the Martha Stewart look of understated elegance.

FLOR has everything you need to make your DIY design project a success.

Other 2008 design trends included multi-purpose furniture and accessories, leather with a feminine touch, the use of gray tone metals and over-sized furniture and accessories.

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