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March 30, 2011 11:22 ET

Florida Ants Are on the March While Homeowners Seek Solutions, Reports Suncoast Pest Control

As Ant Swarming Season Begins in Florida, Homeowners Scramble to Safeguard Their Homes

MIAMI, FL--(Marketwire - March 30, 2011) - Florida ants are on the march, as Spring and Summer mark the peak months of swarming season. During these months, new colonies are established while fresh food sources are sought out. Many Florida homeowners are unaware of their property being invaded, as months may pass without any noticeable signs of infestation. 

Florida ants encompass a broad spectrum of ant species. These species vary greatly in both physical appearance and behavior. This diversity makes it extremely difficult for the average homeowner to prevent or eradicate these pests, as different species are attracted to various food sources and environments. However, there are two specific varieties of Florida ants against which Floridians must constantly remain vigilant. These are Red Imported Fire Ants, and Florida Carpenter Ants.

The Red Imported Fire Ant originated in South America. It came to the United States during the 1930's and, with no natural predators, quickly infested the Southeastern United States. Florida fire ants have a painful sting that is accompanied by a rash or swelling. An allergic reaction can prompt severe swelling or result in anaphylactic shock, paralysis, or death. 

Despite the Florida carpenter ant being one of the most common pests in Florida, the widespread misconception remains that they are wood-eating organisms. This is not true, as they only seek out damaged wood in which to nest and establish a colony. However, it is true that this nesting and ensuing tunneling causes extensive structural damage to homes. To make matters worse, carpenter ants are often mistaken for Florida termites, resulting in ineffective extermination treatments. 

With Florida ants swarming, homeowners must take preventative measures against infestation. Sealing small cracks and crevasses around floorboards and windows and addressing moisture prone areas are all vital to home protection. One should keep food properly stored and regularly clean and maintain food areas. Although preventive measures help against Florida ants, only a pest control professional can ensure one's home is truly protected. 

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