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January 25, 2011 12:42 ET

Florida Pest Control Company, Suncoast Pest Control, Wages War on Florida Bed Bugs

Florida Bed Bugs Are Parasitic Insects Which Have No Regard for One's Privacy or Home

ST. PETERSBURG, FL--(Marketwire - January 25, 2011) - There is hope on the horizon! A Florida pest control company has risen to the challenge. Suncoast Pest Control is ready and waiting to charge the Florida bed bugs. The Calvary has armed themselves with environmentally conscious products that are efficient and safe for children and pets. This veteran company has taken up arms against the immense infestation sneaking into unsuspecting homes, schools, businesses and especially hotels and motels.

Florida bed bugs have infiltrated our state through our very own citizens and travelers. They have secretly hitched a ride in clothing and luggage all the way from Naples to Miami. Fortunately the sun coast has not reached the mass epidemic proportions of Miami Bed Bugs. All Florida bed bugs invade the following: mattresses, box springs, carpets, upholstered furniture, pictures, electronics, head boards, bedding, clothing, and once they arrive they do not want to leave. 

Florida bed bugs resemble ticks. They have similar coloring and an oval shape. Ticks have eight legs whereas Florida bed bugs possess only six. Both bugs are parasitic -- they survive by sucking blood from a host. Florida ticks attach themselves to their victim, while Florida bed bugs come out of hiding just before dawn and sink their beaklike head deep into your skin while you sleep. The bite is small but extremely itchy, somewhat like the mosquito.

Suncoast Pest Control is offering a 15% discount when mentioning this article for their Florida Bed Bug service with a full 100% money back guarantee if the problem is not eradicated.

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Suncoast Pest Control's mission is to find and eliminate Florida bed bugs. For three generations Suncoast Pest Control has been battling pests -- 24 hours of the day, seven days of the week. This professional Florida Pest Control company offers a money back guarantee with the best price to effectively control your Florida bed bugs.

Suncoast Pest Control agents are elite soldiers, trained in the art of annihilating Florida bed bugs. Contact them today at 888-276-2474 or by visiting

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