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August 17, 2009 09:55 ET

Florida Tire Recycling Inc. Puts Out a Welcome Mat for Closed-Loop Rubber Recycling

The Andersen Company Recycles Old Rubber Mats Into New Ones

PORT ST. LUCIE, FL--(Marketwire - August 17, 2009) - Florida Tire Recycling Inc. (FTR), a leading environmental solutions provider, announced that it has entered into a partnership with The Andersen Company, whereby FTR will accept used flooring mats from Andersen and its clients and recycle the discarded material producing a rubber powder that will be used in the production of new rubber mats and other products. Until today, worn rubber mats were thrown away and disposed of in landfills with no "recycling" possibilities. This highly customized, "closed-loop" program designed by FTR is the first of its kind to be implemented in the rubber mat industry.

Andersen has a long-standing commitment to delivering sustainable products to its customers. This partnership will allow Andersen to offer customers a take-back program where old mats can be collected and used in the creation of new mats and other rubber products. FTR's grinding technologies have the ability to customize the size and type of rubber powder manufactured, giving Andersen the opportunity to incorporate a broad range of rubber powders into additional applications without large scale investments.

"At Andersen, we are committed to providing superior customer service and quality products. Having the ability to serve our customers while helping to support the environment is a win-win for us," states William Tillery of The Andersen Company. "Being able to recycle our clients' used products and re-use the material to create new, sustainable products is emblematic of our commitment to both our customers and the environment. In the past, the quality and cost of recycled materials were the biggest challenges. Now, with FTR's closed-loop program and innovative grinding technologies, we are able to overcome both hurdles -- and defer waste from landfills."

FTR's Closed-Loop Product Lifecycle Solution takes waste materials (such rubber mats), by-products, or finished product scrap and recycles them back into useable crumb and powder rubber raw materials to be introduced back into the manufacturing process. Simply stated, scrap rubber once destined for the landfill is turned into a usable raw material destined for "beneficial re-use" with no compromise to quality or performance of finished products.

"For our customers, this closed-loop process brings big savings and differentiates our products from our competitors. By partnering with FTR, our customers do not have to pay for scrap to be taken away by a waste hauler. Further, Andersen can buffer and offset the possible increasing costs of virgin and synthetic rubber and polymers with this sustainable, environmentally-friendly feedstock," states Robb Andersen, President of the Andersen Company. "Our Closed-Loop Partners will realize a decrease in the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions; a decrease in petroleum based and natural raw material usage; and increases in the use of renewable resources and recycle content usage -- all factors leading to enhanced Product, Quality, Green, Social and Corporate Reputations."

"This customized closed-loop program enables Andersen to provide an economically compelling and customer friendly solution to an environmental issue," states Anthony Cialone, Chief Operating Officer at Florida Tire Recycling. "At Florida Tire, we work with companies to enable raw materials to flow through a circular lifecycle -- from use to recycle to reuse -- and give those companies an economically viable option to practice sustainability. Andersen is an exceptional company, offering customers a wide range of sustainable, high performance mat products. We are thrilled to work with them."

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Incorporated in 1988, Florida Tire Recycling (FTR) is the oldest and largest waste tire recycling company in the Southeast United States. FTR processes in excess of 6 million waste tires -- which equates to roughly 1 out of every 3 waste tires generated in the state every year. These waste tires are processed at our 32-acre recycling facility where they are recycled into a variety of value-added products, including Tire Derived Fuel (TDF) and VeriFlex crumb rubber which is utilized in landscaping, construction, industrial and athletic field applications.

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