SOURCE: Florida Tire Recycling Inc.

Florida Tire Recycling Inc.

August 05, 2009 09:53 ET

Florida Tire Recycling Inc. and Ready Rubber Marry Rubber Powder and Plastic to Create Sustainable Material

The Power of 80- to 140-mesh Now Available in 40-mesh; Provides Economical Alternative for Manufacturers

PORT ST. LUCIE, FL--(Marketwire - August 5, 2009) - Florida Tire Recycling Inc. (FTR), a leading environmental solutions provider, announced a partnership today with Ready Rubber, a leading provider of sustainable specialty chemical solutions. The partnership aims to compatibilize renewable, recycled and reclaimed scrap tire rubber powders with existing polymer formulations. This technology will enable 40-mesh rubber powder to be used in the creation of sustainable material alternatives in the manufacturing of plastic products. The introduction of 40-mesh rubber powder into the plastics manufacturing process eliminates a long standing economic barrier and offers manufacturers a viable, renewable, and sustainable technical solution to "going green."

Previously, 80- or 140-mesh rubber powder could be used to create sustainable materials for most plastics manufacturing applications. However, this was cost prohibitive for the majority of manufacturers, as the price of the rubber powder was too expensive and only available in limited quantity. Today, FTR offers a wide range of quality rubber powders -- from 40-mesh to 60-mesh and finer -- at prices that are affordable, and in quantities that enable companies to incorporate this sustainable material into their manufacturing processes. Together with Ready Rubber, manufacturers can marry and compatibilize rubber powders with Polyethylene (PE), Polypropylene (PP) and PE/PP mixed plastics.

"Incorporating rubber powder into plastics manufacturing isn't new, but delivering a solution that is both economical and technically viable is. Most manufacturers want to be more green, however, while many of the sustainable materials available are technically feasible, they unfortunately are cost prohibitive or only economically viable under certain market conditions," states Anthony Cialone, Chief Operating Officer at Florida Tire Recycling. "By partnering with Ready Rubber, we are able to clear the final hurdle -- the economic hurdle -- which has limited the potential of these hybrid thermoplastic elastomers. The use of 40- and 60-mesh rubber powder within plastics formulations is ground changing; it opens doors that were previously closed due to the highly variable prices associated with reclaimed PE and PP."

"We're thrilled to offer an alternative to the plastics industry that won't break the bank and one that will enable the manufacture of greener, sustainable products without compromising the quality. The industry needed an economic solution that works in every economic environment, not just when oil is at $100 a barrel," continued Cialone.

"Bringing lower mesh rubber powder into plastics isn't just an economic win. There are also performance advantages available. Incorporating 40- and 60-mesh rubber powder into plastics enhances many of the inherent properties of plastics -- cold impact resistance, vibration dampening, acoustical deadening, and it makes plastics more flexible and durable," states Gary Brown, Vice President, at Ready Rubber. "Our compatibilization technology allows coarser rubber powders that are incorporated in the manufacturing process to cross-link and bind with plastics, and allows this sustainable material to be introduced into applications that require high-priced ingredients. The 'marriage' of rubber and plastic can change the way many of our everyday products are produced -- economically, technically, and environmentally."

About Florida Tire Recycling

Incorporated in 1988, Florida Tire Recycling (FTR) is the oldest and largest waste tire recycling company in the Southeast United States. FTR processes in excess of 6 million waste tires -- which equates to roughly 1 out of every 3 waste tires generated in the state every year. These waste tires are processed at our 32-acre recycling facility where they are recycled into a variety of value-added products, including Tire Derived Fuel (TDF) and VeriFlex crumb rubber which is utilized in landscaping, construction, industrial and athletic field applications.

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About Ready Rubber

Ready Rubber PA LLC's, a privately owned company, is the direct result of five years of development and research that has culminated in the creation of Ready Rubber, a new and innovative technology enabling the compatibility of renewable, recycled and reclaimed tire and industrial rubber powders with existing polymer formulations. The Ready Rubber technology was developed by a partnership of owners who have collectively over 90 years experience in developing new environmentally responsible products for domestic and international consumption. For more information, visit us at

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