SOURCE: Corvil; Flow Traders

Corvil; Flow Traders

Corvil; Flow Traders

May 23, 2016 09:00 ET

Flow Traders Selects Corvil to Assure Performance and Compliance of Its Trading Platform

Leverages Corvil to Proactively Prepare for MiFID II Compliance

DUBLIN, IRELAND--(Marketwired - May 23, 2016) -  Corvil today announced that it has been chosen to provide real-time monitoring and analytics for Flow Traders, one of Europe's highest performing trading firms and a leading global technology-enabled liquidity provider specializing in exchange traded products ("ETPs"). Flow Traders' decision to integrate Corvil throughout its trading environment comes as the company continues to grow and prepares to meet increasing business demands and upcoming market regulation such as MiFID II.

With Corvil, Flow Traders achieves full transparency into its trading ecosystem, with the ability to continuously monitor and analyze trading activity and system performance in real-time. The Corvil platform automatically identifies all trading sessions and can alert against unusual activity and/or traffic volumes. This level of real-time visibility, together with the ability to create an accurate, time-stamped transaction record, has become essential to safeguarding the health and integrity of the electronic trading business. Such capabilities are now a mandatory requirement demanded by government regulators in upcoming financial markets regulations like MiFID II.

"At Flow Traders we are constantly looking to put in place the best tools and processes to optimize the performance and transparency of our IT systems, while minimizing operational risk," said Thomas Wolff, Global Head of IT at Flow Traders. "Corvil was the only platform capable of meeting our demands around continuous real-time monitoring and analytics. Corvil offers granular visibility into each step of the trading cycle, helping maintain the integrity of our trading environment, while also providing a foundation for meeting the strict requirements of upcoming regulations like MiFID II."

Corvil has vast experience supporting the leading players in the world's Financial Markets. The Corvil analytics platform is used by leading Business and Desk Heads, Compliance and Risk departments, and Security and IT teams, to manage operations of their IT systems and ensure compliance with the latest requirements in the increasingly regulated Electronic Trading industry. By continuously monitoring and analyzing all electronic messages with microsecond synchronized accuracy, Corvil provides the highest level of transaction transparency, record keeping, and alerting that not only meets but surpasses the compliance demands highlighted in the upcoming MiFID II regulation.

"We are entering a new phase in the world of electronic traded markets," Donal Byrne, CEO of Corvil, said. "Phase one was all about speed and algorithms. Phase two is about cost optimization, risk mitigation, and regulatory compliance. We are delighted Flow Traders selected Corvil for this critical phase. Our platform continues to expand its role and is fast becoming the industry accepted benchmark for safeguarding the operations of the world's trading businesses."

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About Corvil
Corvil is the data analytics company to run your business in the Now™. The Corvil platform transforms network data into streaming IT operational intelligence to see, understand and act on your business as it's happening, in real time. Corvil provides the full picture of customers, business and IT infrastructure all interacting together. It does this by making sense of the raw packet data streaming through the network, enriching it with analytics and making it accessible, searchable and consumable. Corvil is built to handle the low-latency, high-performance and big data analytics requirements for the world's most demanding real-time businesses. It is used to monitor over 50 petabytes of data and over $170 billion worth of transactions per day, and is trusted to provide real-time analytics that powers decision and action in the Now.

About Flow Traders
Flow Traders is a leading global technology-enabled liquidity provider that specialises in Exchange Traded Products (ETPs). We provide liquidity in ETP markets 24 hours a day, and have neither clients nor an opinion on the market. We enable investors to buy and sell ETPs efficiently by quoting bid and ask prices. We make our net trading income from the very small price differences that investors are willing to buy or sell ETPs and other financial instruments from or to us, and the prices we pay or receive for the underlying or related financial instruments. Investors benefit from our activities due to increased liquidity, higher execution quality, and lower overall trading costs. As such, we contribute to more efficient and transparent securities' markets. We provide liquidity in over 4,000 ETP listings across the globe, tracking all underlying asset classes, including equities, fixed income, commodities, and currencies with access to over 90 trading venues in more than 30 countries. We are headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, with trading offices in Asia and the United States, covering all time zones. Flow Traders' shares are listed on Euronext Amsterdam (EURONEXT AMSTERDAM: FLOW). For more information, please visit at: