September 22, 2009 09:00 ET

Flowz Introduces Raveal, a Cutting-Edge Online Resume and Portfolio Tool

Raveal Helps Job Seekers Create a Strong Personal Brand, Showcase Online Personality and Effectively Market Themselves to Potential Employers

TROY, MI--(Marketwire - September 22, 2009) - Flowz today announces Raveal, a cutting edge online resume and portfolio tool that provides job seekers a place to showcase work, include multi-media elements and display their "social voice" to prospective employers. Not just for the professional, Raveal's comprehensive and easy-to-use search engine allows recruiters, HR staff and companies to browse candidates and their online portfolios to find a match for their specific hiring criteria. A short demo of Ravael can be seen at

Gone are the days of faxing a resume and simply hoping someone in HR reads it and calls for an interview. Today, many people write blogs, use Twitter and have a presence on several social networking sites to establish their individual online persona. Employers are also using social media networks to vet potential candidates and gain a glimpse of their online voice. Unlike traditional resumes or limited and static job boards, Raveal allows people to demonstrate their personal brand and creative portfolios in a way that differentiates them from others in a highly competitive job market.

"With unemployment still high, individuals need to stand out from the crowd. Maintaining a strong online presence and building a personal brand is no longer nice to have, it's a must have," said Scott Garretson, president, Flowz.

Raveal is an easy-to-use application that job seekers can use to quickly build their online brand and market themselves using interactive elements. Some key components of Raveal include:

  • Resume Builder -- highlights important factors such as education, work and leadership experience
  • Portfolio Builder -- includes creative elements such as images, vectors, audio and video
  • Raveal Voice -- provides a consolidated place of all the professional social activities of the user including a blog, Flickr, Twitter, YouTube and more
  • Audio Introduction -- enables users to use their own voice to introduce themselves
  • Virtual Business Card -- profile is given a unique URL that can be easily shared

Garretson continued, "A compelling portfolio that includes multimedia elements and 'lives' online in one place gives potential employers a more dynamic view of a candidate compared to the traditional paper resume and even the current online job boards. Increasingly, many employers are looking for candidates who have established an online presence. Raveal enables job seekers to present their online persona in a way that separates them from the fray. Bottom line -- Raveal breathes life into your resume, it's just that simple."

For companies, Raveal provides a unique way to actively search and engage with potential candidates. Furthermore, it allows organizations to create their own profiles that introduce prospective new hires to a company and explain to them why they would want to work there. Using a powerful search engine that displays work history to search for visual profile summaries, companies can use Raveal as a way to:

  • Find and view potential candidates' work portfolios
  • Introduce themselves to potential new hires
  • Highlight important facts about the company
  • List any and all job opportunities
  • Include a feed to their corporate blog and Twitter account
  • Make notes of each applicant they reviewed and/or interviewed
  • Share a position and list of applicants with others through an anonymous link
  • Create a private database that includes portfolios created by internal employees

To learn more about Raveal, go to

About Flowz, LLC

Headquartered in Troy, Michigan, Flowz provides innovative software to assist companies in simplifying key business processes including idea sharing, project management and online resume/profile management. Raveal, the company's flagship product, is designed to help you stand out of the crowd by creating a "Personal Brand." Just as a company builds a brand to stand out and influence a purchase, you need a brand to establish the same for your career. A brand is not an old dusty resume that you have not touched in years (if you even have one) or a posting on the sea of job boards that exist today. A brand is a 360-degree view of who you are and it needs continuous effort to be established and effective.

Guided by the principal to continually provide software that goes against the mainstream industry, Flowz believes software should not get in the way of doing business. It should not be a chore to use. In fact, it should be fun to use. It should go with your flow.

To learn more about Flowz, please visit our Web site at