April 30, 2011 02:15 ET

Flutteroo Breaks Through 350,000 Customers

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - April 30, 2011) - Only a few weeks since it broke the 300,000 customer mark, Flutteroo auctions is pleased to announce that it has beaten its targets by hitting 350,000 customers way ahead of its plans. This growth is a testament to not only Flutteroo's unique combination of Penny Auctions, Lowest Unique Bid Auctions and Buy It Now Auctions, but also its global expansion. This expansion has seen its North American launch, followed by Europe and very recently Australia and New Zealand all within a 6 month period.

Dave Hobday, Flutteroo's CEO commented: "We can hardly believe that we have burst through the third of a million customer mark and more. It seem like only yesterday we have a quarter of a million on now with over 350,000 customers we have the half a million mark in our sites. Our global expansion plans have really come together and the whole Flutteroo team are thrilled with the progress we have made".

Flutteroo attribute its strong growth not only to the global expansion, but also to its differentiated proposition in the market. It offers customers the opportunity to get everything from a brand new cheap iPad through to a cheap Kindle, across its 3 different auction types. And, as importantly, it works tirelessly to try and ensure a great level of customer service and fast delivery of items won. This focus is not only reflected in its overall customer numbers but in other ways too. For example, it has thousands of fans on Facebook, constantly posting and interacting with each other and with the Flutteroo Facebook team.

Hobday added: "It's so good to see our growth continuing, but as importantly, we continue to focus on our ensuring loyalty amongst our customers. We are broadening our product range, improving our functionality, and increasingly using CRM to help build long term relationships with our bidders. This is so important to us and over the next few months we'll be doing even more to ensure that our site remains fun, and engaging as well as providing the best possible range of bargains and saving our customers so much compared to regular prices".

This combination of both geographical expansion and continued site improvements has certainly helped Flutteroo and will continue through the rest of this year as it roles out more and more initiatives and new regions.

About Flutteroo.co.uk

Flutteroo launched in 2009 into the rapidly growing market of internet pay-per-bid auctions. These combine traditional retailing with skill and strategy. Flutteroo is privately funded and based in west London. Dave Hobday has a senior management and marketing background from companies including Sportingbet, HBOS, Telewest and Procter & Gamble. The management team has successfully raised over one million pounds in first round funding.

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