February 11, 2011 03:13 ET

Flutteroo Extends its Range of Mega Auctions

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Feb. 11, 2011) - With Flutteroo's continued growth, and recent expansion in to North America, it is now delighted to announce that it is increasing its range of Mega Auctions. Launched late last year as a trial, Flutteroo's Mega Auctions are special auctions of ultra high value items. They have proved so popular with their customer base that the range and choice of these auctions is now being extended. Mega Auctions give customers the opportunity to get top-end products at discount prices, for example a cheap iPhone4 32gb, or a cheap iPad 32gb with WiFi and 3G. The extension of the Mega Auctions post their trial period will be across both Penny Auctions, and Lowest Unique Bid Auctions to give customers the opportunity to get great bargains on both of these exciting types of auctions.

Dave Hobday, CEO Flutteroo, said: "It's great to be able to roll-out our Mega Auctions. Having trialled them over the last few months, it's clear that our customers love them and so we are delighted to now expand them across both Penny Auctions and Lowest Unique Bid. These auctions are in addition to our normal range of products, and give people the chance to get the absolute best and most desirable models out there, whether that's a Laptop or a Phone, an iPad or a games console".

The roll-out has already kicked off, with the weekends now jam packed with Mega Auctions, clearly identifiable on the site with their different colour and styling. And it's not just high-end products that are being rolled out, it's also what Flutteroo call their Mega Auction "Combos", where they group existing products together all in one auction.

Dave Hobday added: "Our Mega Auction Combos are equally exciting giving people the chance to win a whole range of items. For example, this weekend you can grab an HD TV, Xbox plus Kinect all rolled together into one amazing auction. Just imagine how exciting that is for our customers when they are able to get this whole lot for a final closing price often 90% or more below retail."

Mega Auctions is another one of Flutteroo's many initiatives, and continues its intense focus on trying to bring its customers new and better auctions, products and features on its site. This program will continue throughout 2011 across both its UK operations and its new North American site.

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Flutteroo launched in 2009 into the rapidly growing market of internet pay-per-bid auctions. These combine traditional retailing with skill and strategy. Flutteroo is privately funded and based in west London. Dave Hobday has a senior management and marketing background from companies including Sportingbet, HBOS, Telewest and Procter & Gamble. The management team has successfully raised over one million pounds in first round funding.

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