October 22, 2010 03:14 ET

Flutteroo Launches Free Play Auctions

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Oct. 22, 2010) - Flutteroo auctions, famed for its focus on the consumer, is delighted to announce its launch of Free Play auctions. After extensive testing, this latest initiative is designed to make Flutteroo an even more enjoyable bidding experience for everyone on the site. Free Play allows customers the chance to bid for fun items, like Amazon Vouchers, DVDs and CDs without any bidding costs at all. The Free Play auctions run across all 3 different auction types – Penny Auctions, Lowest Unique Bid and Buy It Now – and are live round the clock giving customers yet more fun and entertainment, while also continuing to embrace Flutteroo's focus on developing a social and community aspect to its offering.

Dave Hobday, Flutteroo CEO said "We knew from all out testing that Free Play was going to be a winner and we have been absolutely bowled over by the feedback from our customers. They love having the chance to compete for these fun and more novel items while bidding on larger items at the same time too. And, because the number of bids every player can use in a Free Play auction is capped, it adds another whole dimension to their play too. We now have some of our most experienced bidders getting stuck in and enjoying this whole new challenge."

Flutteroo is building its business based on giving customers the chance to bid and get, for example, a cheap Canon EOS 450D a cheap Kindle and an ever growing range of highly desirable brand new items cheap. However, it is also putting significant effort behind ensuring Flutteroo is more than just an auction site and is a place that its customers come back to time and time again to have fun as well as save money.

Hobday commented further: "Our Free Play auctions are also proving incredibly popular with our new bidders too. There's no better way to learn how our auctions work than to try them. While some other companies may give away a free bid or two, we actually let customers experience a complete auction and give them the chance to really learn what Flutteroo is about. All without using a single bid they have bought. It really is a complete game-change for our new bidders and so much better than anything else we have seen on the market. We don't need to explain anything, we just ask people to try these auctions and they get it. Instantly."

Flutteroo, which only recently announced it had passed the 100,000 registered bidders mark, has more initiatives planned for the run-up to Christmas along with a host of new products all going up for auction including 3D televisions, the new limited edition red Wii and lots more family treats too.

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Flutteroo launched in 2009 into the rapidly growing market of internet pay-per-bid auctions. These combine traditional retailing with skill and strategy. Flutteroo is privately funded and based in west London. Dave Hobday has a senior management and marketing background from companies including Sportingbet, HBOS, Telewest and Procter & Gamble. The management team has successfully raised over one million pounds in first round funding.

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