March 30, 2011 02:13 ET

Flutteroo Launches the Brand New iPad 2

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - March 30, 2011) - Flutteroo is delighted to announce that it has now auctioned its first brand new Apple iPad 2 as it continues to further broaden its product range. Giving customers the chance to grab a cheap iPad 2 generated a huge demand as expected with lots of customers taking part all determined to get this amazing product on Flutteroo.

The site is constantly expanding the number of products it offers and runs these kind of highly desirable products round the clock across all three of its exciting auctions types; Penny Auctions, Lowest Unique Bid Auctions and Price Drop Auctions.

Following feedback from many customers pleased with their Apple products from Flutteroo, it was essential that Flutteroo secured this latest release for their growing and loyal fan base, which recently exceeded 300,000 registered customers. Flutteroo's CEO, Dave Hobday commented: "The iPad 2 is obviously in very high demand at the moment, and as a result of our focus on customer services, we felt it necessary to secure this great product early on. The auctions have been welcomed with enthusiasm by our customers and let them make great savings in comparison to the standard sale price. This was something we wanted to get on the site as quickly as possible and so we're delighted to be able to meet the expectations of our customers once again."

With new Apple products always in high demand, it is impressive that Flutteroo have managed to provide so efficiently and effectively for their customers. Hobday added, "It's really a testament to our relationship with the community. Through channels such as our Facebook page we are able communicate effectively with our growing fan base. It's clear to see that this close and personal approach really resonates with our customers, setting us apart in the industry."

The broadening product range at Flutteroo will also soon include the highly anticipated Nintendo 3DS. Flutteroo's diverse product range and commitment to keeping it updated means that its customers are able compete for anything they want, from a cheap iPad 2 to a cheap iPhone 4.

The Apple iPad2 auctions are currently running as part of Flutteroo's popular Mega Auctions, which they have recently extended to run across much of the week in addition to weekends. The introduction of the new tablet also means that Flutteroo is now offering the original iPads more regularly too, providing yet more chances to grab a great bargain and more choice for customers.

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Flutteroo launched in 2009 into the rapidly growing market of internet pay-per-bid auctions. These combine traditional retailing with skill and strategy. Flutteroo is privately funded and based in west London. Dave Hobday has a senior management and marketing background from companies including Sportingbet, HBOS, Telewest and Procter & Gamble. The management team has successfully raised over one million pounds in first round funding.

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