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December 08, 2005 17:18 ET

FLUXCO Gallery Presents: New Works by Lou-Andrea Gaupp, DeeDee Cheriel & Eric Ernest Johnson

December 17, 2005 Through February 25, 2006

Opening Reception Saturday, Dec. 17, 7-10 pm

LOS ANGELES, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- December 8, 2005 --

Lou-Andrea Gaupp

Lou-Andrea Gaupp, a Montreal-based painter, is completing a body of work entirely created here in Los Angeles at the Fluxco studio. Her collaborative work utilizes the human figure as the canvas for her raw paintings. Instead of using models as an exterior object, the models' bodies are painted as they lie on canvas which is also painted. In this way, the models become part of the canvas, they become the art that they normally only represent. This is an exciting and unique approach to figurative art. By using the subject as material, Gaupp makes the art more alive and the viewer becomes part of the representation. She has changed the whole topic of figuration and has actually become the art herself, painting her own body in one of the pieces included in December's exhibition.

Dee Dee Cheriel

Using iconic images and textures over grafittied backgrounds, Dee Dee Cheriel's paintings reflect the DIY culture of her Oregon upbringing. Cheriel began as a young girl creating stencils and silkscreens of and for the punk music scene around her. Now, living in Echo Park, CA, the artist further explores opposites, using mixed media to create the grit of urban walls, juxtaposed with abundant nature. The backdrop of the urban wall looks more like primitive cave drawings, crude black line renderings of naked women, outsider and folk-inspired. These images are then infused with a vibrant jungle aesthetic, bold-colored flowers, plants, trees and wild animals. Within each painting is a crude balance of anger and beauty, peace and discomfort, urban and Eden, debauchery and spirituality.

Eric Ernest Johnson

Eric Ernest Johnson, native of Los Angeles, graduate of San Francisco Art Institute, divulges in multi-media works featuring mobiles, paintings, drawings and sculptures. "Erotic Landscapes and Peace Movements" is how the artist describes his work for his new show at Fluxco gallery in Downtown LA this December. Johnson is interested in the physical motion in art (mobiles), nature and man-made creations (paintings and drawings of disasters and phenomena, impossible machines and vessels), and totem sculptures (cities upon cities, mountain ranges of people on top of people).

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