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May 28, 2015 10:00 ET

"Flying Bumper Car" Innovation Launches on Indiegogo

PASADENA, CA--(Marketwired - May 28, 2015) - Drone flying sounds like fun -- until the inevitable crash.

A new Indiegogo campaign promises a flyer that's nearly indestructible, and safe for people -- with a new 'propellerless' design from former Caltech scientists. Fly through the trees and into closets. You'll have to try pretty hard to take the Nano Tornado out of the air.

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Polyhelo is building a compact flying vehicle that takes the fear out of drones. People who might be scared of the fast moving blades, worried about injuring themselves or friends, or don't want to deal with the risks and hassle of vehicle breakage or assembly, can now get into the air and start flying.

Unlike other drones on the market, the Nano Tornado flyer is built around ducted fan technology. It doesn't have exposed spinning parts, which means there are no fast moving blades that could cut you or bystanders. It also means that bumps, scrapes against walls, tree trunks, etc. do not break the delicate blades holding the vehicle in the air. When storing the drone, there is nothing to assemble or disassemble. There is no risk of putting pieces on incorrectly and no time delay while preparing to fly.

No exposed spinning blades means Nano Tornado can feature the following:

  • Go where no one else can - Nano Tornado gets you close to the things you want to see without the risk of damaging people, objects or itself.
  • Ready when you are - The Nano Tornado's rotators are already "stowed" in the vehicle interior by design. There is nothing to break and nothing to stow; the Nano Tornado is always ready to fly.
  • The safe drone - Nano Tornado is the first drone that puts the "knives" away. With the rotors safely tucked deep in the vehicle's interior, the risk of blade injuries disappears.
  • Grab, throw, fly - Because you can grab Nano Tornado, you can throw it and catch it. This means getting into the air quickly, getting down quickly and generally having more fun with your vehicle.

Many recreational drone flights end expensively due to crashes into obstacles or injury from propellers. It's why interest in the Nano Tornado's Indiegogo campaign is high from both professional and hobbyist operators. "For years now, people have been asking for something that doesn't destroy its blades on contact," says developer Mark Richardson. "We've been pushed to get the Nano Tornado to market quickly."

The Nano Tornado doesn't have the dangers that whirling propellers present to nearby objects and people. Safely enclosed deep inside the vehicle body, the hidden fans make the cake-sized drone resemble a UFO. Richardson demonstrates the ease of launching and catching the drone by hand. It'll even take off from your lap.

Solving these problems "lets everyone get into drones without the danger," says Richardson, "and you can go so many places that others can't."

The Polyhelo team designs and builds software and hardware for open blade multirotor systems and other unmanned aerial systems (UAS). We have experience in spacecraft sensor design and spacecraft instrumentation and our team of electrical, mechanical, and software engineers solve current UAS problems and influence the future of UAS technology.

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