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GutCheck: DIY online real-time qualitative market research

March 01, 2011 10:11 ET

Focus Groups No More: GutCheck Makes Market Research Affordable and Cool

DIY Online Platform Simplifies Research Without Need for Big Budgets

DENVER, CO--(Marketwire - March 1, 2011) - GutCheck today launched its do-it-yourself online qualitative market research platform, which lets companies or individuals test their ideas, services and campaigns in real time, with their real markets, at a fraction of the cost of traditional focus groups.

While online surveying is nothing new for quantitative research thanks to companies like SurveyMonkey, GutCheck is the first to enable real-time experience-based (qualitative) feedback online, saving thousands of dollars and hours of hassle -- and making high-quality feedback available to anyone, from sophisticated agencies working on messaging to small startups wanting to test their market strategy.

"Whether you're a humongous brand or a startup just getting going, you still need real feedback from the people who may use your product or service," said Matt Warta, GutCheck Founder and CEO. "GutCheck's Recruitment Engine lets you find exactly the right people and ask them the questions that will help you make better decisions. With GutCheck, what used to be the tedious, expensive process of gathering those folks now feels almost like magic. We've leveraged the Internet and other technologies to blow up the market's conventional wisdom, and like much on the Internet, we've greatly lowered the cost as well in this $7B industry."

Companies or individuals can use GutCheck's Recruitment Engine to filter through a database of over 5 million potential participants (by age, income, geography, etc.), and select target respondents for their panel. From there, companies can submit questions and any related media (photos, videos, etc.) to each participant with a single click, then save the feedback in a transcript after the session is complete.

Doing all of this in-person -- which usually involves travel, food, and even venue costs -- can run companies around $1000 per respondent. Using GutCheck costs just $40 a head. Beta customers have been effusive in their praise.

More details on GutCheck can easily be found at their web site, and signup is now open to the public.

About GutCheck:
GutCheck was born out of the idea that everyone can use a little consumer feedback now and again. Founded in 2009 with a goal to provide qualitative research to anyone, not just those with big budgets, resources and extended time lines, GutCheck is a pioneering company in do-it-yourself, online qualitative research providing a quick and affordable solution that delivers quality insights direct from identified target market consumers to answer questions related to advertising creative, marketing messaging, product development and customer segmentation. The company has received $2M in a Series A round of funding and has 5 employees in their Denver, Colorado location. For press inquiries, please visit:

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