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Focus on the Mobile Phone Application Processor IC (Multimedia IC) Industry Report, 2007-2008

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Mobile Phone Application Processor IC (Multimedia IC) Industry Report, 2007-2008

Application processor of a handset is developed for certain specific type of applications of a handset, which can be classified into three types, including an all-round type, a multimedia type and a single-media type. The all-round type has not only the function of a multimedia application processor, but also the ability to run complicated operating system similar to Linux. Vendors of this type include Samsung, ST, TI, Renesas and Marvell. The multimedia type refers to the processors that are capable of processing over two media as usual like image, audio, video and 3D graphics, and most of application processors belong to this type. The single-media type only handles static image or audio, which is not studied in this report.

Emergence of application processor is the outcome of ceaseless innovation and development of mobile phone applications. For the majority of handset manufacturers, they all have rich experience in the design of mobile phone platforms and own intellectual property rights. In early years, those platforms merely served for communication but could do nothing beyond communication. Therefore, application processor came into being. The biggest advantage of application processor lies in its independence from mobile phone communication platform, thus making it flexible and convenient. Also, the design flow is shortened and the existing experiences and IP are brought into full play. Emergence of camera handset has created a great number of application processor producers, specialized in the processing of camera back-end. Baseband vendors as SoC specialists integrated JPEG decoding function of camera back-end into baseband in 1-2 years, resulting in a market downturn for numerous vendors of application processor with JPEG decoding function. However, new application of mobile phone has conduced to another round of usage peak of application processor, and those applications comprise complex operating system, mobile TV, high-quality 3D graphic, 3-megapixel-and-above camera, intelligentization, GPS, high-definition photographing of video flow, etc. Yet, application processor vendors should attend to it that some baseband vendors have integrated the functions supporting 5-mega pixels, 30fps, H.264, MPEG4, H.263 and WMV9 video playing, VGA resolution output and 16-bit color depth into baseband. Those high-performance basebands are expected to be massively applied in mobile phone in 2011, when application processor vendors will face another market downturn.

Presently, there is a design idea, which combines ULC handset design with application processor, in particular the Infineon's ULC handset solutions, indicating an additional huge room for the market of application processor.

1. Brief Introduction of Handset Application Processor

1.1 Brief Introduction of Handset Industry

1.2 Background of Application Processor

2. Driving Force of Application Processor Market

2.1 Smart Phone

2.2 Mobile TV

2.2.1 Brief Introduction of Handset TV

2.2.2 Handset TV Market

2.2.3 Hardware Analysis of DVB-H Handset Sample

2.3 3D Handset

2.4 H.264 Hardware Decoding Handset

3. Application Processor Industry and Market

4. Application Processor Vendors

4.1 TI

4.2 Renesas

4.3 Toshiba





4.8 STMicroelectronics


4.10 AIT



4.13 Winbond

4.14 Anyka

4.15 Vimicro

4.16 Jade Tech

4.17 Chipnuts

4.18 Samsung

Statistics and Forecast of Global Handset Shipment, 2005-2011

Global Market Share of Main Handset Brands, 2007

Forecasted Proportion of Smart Phone Shipment, 2008-2012

Forecasted Proportion of Smart Phone Operating System, 2008-2012

Frequency Spectrum Distribution of Various Mobile TVs

Global Distribution of Mobile TVs by Network

Comparison of Various Mobile TVs

Forecast of TV Handset Shipment by Region, 2006-2012

Forecast of TV Handset Shipment by Technology, 2006-2012

Moving Graphics Engine Roadmap of Epson

Inner Control Flow of S1D13743

H.264 Coder Framework Containing Data Flow and Function Module

Comparison of MPEG-2 and H.264 Decoding Module

Block Diagram of H.264 Decoder

Operation Mode of H.264

Market Share of Global Main Handset Application Processor Vendors, 2007 (by Shipment)

Market Share of Global Main Handset Application Processor Vendors, 2007 (by Sale)

Forecast of Market Share of Global Main Handset Application Processor Vendors, 2008 (by Sale)

Statistics and Forecast of Global Handset Application Processor Market Scale, 2003-2011

Global Handset Application Processor and Average Price Statistics, 2003-2011

Revenue of TI by Product, 2007

Revenue of TI from Handset Products, 2003-2007

Revenue of TI from 3G Handset-based Products, 2003-2007

Block Diagram of OMAP1710

Block Diagram of OMAP2420

Die Microscopic Analysis of TI's Latest Application Processor

Block Diagram of OMAP3420

Block Diagram of OMAP-DM510

Statistics and Forecast of Revenue and Operating Profit of Renesas, FY2004-FT2008

Revenue of Renesas by Product, FY2007

Shipment Statistics and Forecast of SH-Mobile, 2002-2009

Roadmap of SH-Mobile

Roadmap of SH-Mobile G Series

Microscopic Die Chart of SH-Mobile G2 and G3

Structure of SH-Mobile Platform

Hardware Structure of SH-Mobile Platform

Middleware Roadmap of SH-Mobile Platform

Video Middleware Roadmap of SH-Mobile Platform

Audio Middleware Roadmap of SH-Mobile Platform

Application Middleware Cases of WMA

Middleware Structure Cases of Digital TV

Block Diagram of SH-Mobile L3V2

Block Diagram of SH-Mobile UL

Block Diagram of SH-Mobile 3 (SH73180)

Block Diagram of SH-Mobile 3A (SH73380)

Block Diagram of SH7722 (SH-MobileR)

Revenue and Profit of Toshiba Semiconductor, FY2001-FY2010

Revenue of Toshiba by Product, FY2005-FY2009

Investments of Toshiba Semiconductor by Field, FY2003-FY2009

Application Processor Roadmap of Toshiba

Core Structure of Toshiba's Handset Application Processor

Block Diagram of Toshiba's Handset Application Processor

Video Flow Chart of Toshiba's Handset Application Processor

Block Diagram of Nvidia Handset GPU

Organization Chart of Mtekvision

Staff Structure of Mtekvision

Operation Flow of Mtekvision

Global Distribution of Mtekvision

Statistics and Forecast of Sales Revenue of Mtekvision by Product,1999-2008

Accumulated Shipment of Mtekvision's Product Models as of 2007Q2

Block Diagram of MV8720

Overview of Handsets Adopting Mtekvision

Revenue and Gross Profit Margin of CoreLogic, 2003-2007

Revenue of CoreLogic by Product, 2003-2008

Product Roadmap of CoreLogic

Product Technological Roadmap of CoreLogic

SWOT Analysis of CoreLogic

Block Diagram of CL6100

Block Diagram of CL9000

Revenue of ST by Dept., 2005Q1-2007Q4

Revenue of ST by Dept., 2007

NOMADIK Product Roadmap of ST

Block Diagram of STN8815

Features of STN8815

Typical Application of STN8815

Revenue of Freescale by Product, 2007

Roadmap of IMX-series Application Processor

Block Diagram of IMX31

Video Flow of IMX31

Application Example of IMX31

Product Roadmap of AIT

Statistics of Revenue and Operating Profit Margin of Marvell, FY2001-FY2008

Typical Application of Marvell PXA3XX-series Platform

Block Diagram of PXA320

Block Diagram of BCM2722

Revenue and Gross Profit Margin of Winbond, 2006Q2-2008Q1

Revenue and Gross Profit Margin of Winbond by Product, 2006Q2-2008Q1

Revenue of Winbond by Application, 2007Q4 & 2008Q1

Block Diagram of Winbond Application Processor

Revenue and Gross Profit Margin of Vimicro, 2001-2007

Revenue of Samsung Semiconductor by Product, 2007

Block Diagram of S3C6410

Mobile TV Solutions of Samsung

Shipments of Global Top 14 Handset Vendors, 2007

Output of Global Top 15 Handset Manufacturers, 2007

Output, Sales Revenue and Baseband Supplier of 40 Handset Manufacturers in China, 2007-1Q2008

Complexity of H.264 Coding Algorithm

Cost Comparison: H.264 and MPEG4 part2

Overview of Application Processor Vendors

List of Handset Using TI's OAMP Application Processor

Comparison of OMAP3 Series

Comparison of OMAP-DM290, 299, 501, 500, 510

List of Handsets Using SH-Mobile Processor

Comparison of SH-Mobile G2 and SH-Mobile G3 by Feature

List of Handsets Using Toshiba's Application Processor

Handset Multimedia Chips of ATI

List of Handsets Using ATI's Handset GPU

List of Handsets of Using Nvidia's Handset GPU

Features of Nvidia's Handset GPU

Product List of CSP Series

Product List of MVP Series

Product List of MMP Series

Overview of Freescale's Application Processors

Comparison of AIT Product Features

Overview of Winbond's Application Processors

Handset Multimedia IC Products of Vimicro

Overview of Samsung's Application Processors

Comparison of the Cost of Mainstream Solutions for Handheld GPS Navigator

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