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Focus on the China Mobile Phone Industry, 2007-2008

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China Mobile Phone Industry Report, 2007-2008

In 2007, China mobile phone output reached approximately 594.4 million units, among which, 548 million units were legal products from official mobile phone producers and 46.4 million units were illegal products from official mobile phone producers. In 2007, sales volume reached 180.7 million units, amounting to 16% of the world total. In the same year, the global mobile phone output reached 1.141 billion units, of which 52 percent was from the Mainland China, exceeding 50% for the first time.

In the first half of 2007, the mobile phone output in the Mainland China totaled 266.8 million units, up 33.4% year on year and its combined sales revenue stood at CNY161.08 billion, up 29.6% year on year. Among the total output, 32.8 million were for CDMA mode, 234 million for GSM mode. Domestic sales volume reached 83 million units and exports arrived at 183.8 million. In the later half of 2007, mobile phone production reached 327.6 million units, of which 230.2 million units were for exports, and 97.4 million for domestic sales.

1 Mobile Phone Industry and Markets in China and around the World

1.1 Status Quo of Global Mobile Phone Market in 2007

1.2 China Mobile Phone Market

1.3 Overview of China Mobile Phone Industry in 2007

2 Overseas Producers of Mobile Phone Brands

2.1 Nokia

2.2 Motorola

2.3 Samsung

2.4 Sony Ericsson

2.5 Langchao LG

3 Handset Producers at Home

3.1 BenQ

3.2 Bird

3.3 TCL Communications

3.4 Lenovo mobile

3.5 Konka Mobile

3.6 Amoi

3.7 Haier

3.8 Guangzhou Jinpeng Group

3.9 Yulong Communication

3.10 Telsda

3.11 Gionee

3.12 CECT (Qiaoxing)

3.13 SED

3.14 ZTE

3.15 Huawei

3.16 UTstarcom

3.17 GuoHong Communications

3.18 Daxina Communications

3.19 Tianyu Communications

3.20 Shenzhen Zhongtian communications

4 Handset Producers in Taiwan

4.1 Compal communications

4.2 Arima Communications

4.3 HTC

4.5 Inventec

4.6 Quanta

5 International EMS Giants

5.1 Flextronics


5.3 Foxconn

6 EMS Manufacturers at Home

6.1Cal-comp Electronics (Suzhou)

6.2 Desay A&V

6.3 Sheng Long Xing Electronics

6.4 Dongguan Hangtian Electronic

6.5 Dongguan Xinjin electronic

6.6 Fugang Electronics (CHENG UEI)

6.7 Shenzhen Elite cooperation

6.8 Shenzhen Sai E Lin

6.9 CK Telecom

Forecast and Statistics of Global Mobile Phone Production, 2005-2011

Output of Mobile Phone by Region in 2007

Global Sales of Mobile Phones by Region, 2006Q4-2007Q2

Global Sales of Mobile Phones by Mode, 2006Q4-2007Q2

Market Shares of Global Key Mobile Phone Brands, 1H2007

Average Sales Price of World Top Five Handset Producers, 2006Q2-2007Q2

Market Shares of Main Mobile Phone Brands in China, 1H2007

Operation Flow of Complete Handset Producers

Output of Nokia Handsets by Region,2005Q1-2007Q4

Output and Average Sales Price of Nokia Mobile Phone, 2005Q1-2007Q4

Sales Reveue and Operating Profit Margin of Nokia Mobile Phones, 2005Q1-2007Q4

Quarterly Output of Nokia Handsets in China, 2004Q1-2007Q2

Revenues of Motorola Mobile Phone Department, 2004-1H2007

Mobile Phone Sales & Operating Profit Margin of Motorola, 2006Q1-2007Q4

Handset Output and Annual Growth of Samsung, 2001-2007

Quarterly Handset Output of Samsung, 2005Q1-2007Q2

Proportions of Samsung Handset Output by Region, 2006Q4-2007Q3

Average Price and Operating Profit Margin of Samsung Handsets Exported, 2005Q1-2007Q1

Output and Average Sales Price of SonyEricsson, 2005Q1-2007Q2

Top 33 Handset Producers with Output of One Million Units Each in Mainland China, 1H 2007and 2H 2007

Suppliers of Key Mobile Phone Components for Nokia

Suppliers of Key Mobile Phone Components for Samsung

Suppliers of Key Mobile Phone Components for LG

Suppliers of Key Mobile Phone Components for BenQ

Sales Volume & Revenue and the Average Price of Bird, 2005, 2006 & 2007

Profile of Bird's Subsidiaries and Performance in 2006

Suppliers of Key Mobile Phone Components for Bird

Sales Volume & Revenue of TCL Handset, 2005Q2-2007Q2

Suppliers of Key Mobile Phone Components for TCL Communication

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