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Focus on the Electricity Transmission and Distribution Market

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - March 18, 2008) - announces that a new market research report related to the Electricity industry is available in its catalogue.

T&D Report Ed 7 2008 and Database Package

The 7th Edition of the ABS T&D Report reveals a surge in the global T&D market and we predict that the market will remain strong for up to five years. This market research report is continuously expanded, with new categories of information and more extensive detail. It is a substantial document of 458 pages containing overall analysis of the transmission and distribution systems, chapters dealing with each of 183 individual countries and the detailed statistical tables of line lengths and system capacity. Capital expenditure and market sizes for 8 categories of T&D equipment and business service are sized and forecast for each year from 2007 to 2012. 114 network maps are contained within the report as well as a series of tables detailing the international interconnections which are enhancing access to generating capacity for many countries and optimising use of surplus capacity. The Power Pools now emerging around the world are outlined. This new emphasis, assembling the network maps, information about the Power Pools and details of interconnections, enables a more comprehensive understanding of the process of interlinking national power systems globally. The tables in the Excel database include further analysis of voltage levels in individual countries. A detailed analysis of global transmission and distribution networks which total 5.8 million km in transmission lines and 61 million km of distribution lines is contained. The electricity market research report also examines this country by country and projects growth annually until 2012.

A voltage analysis is provided where possible. The report also looks at markets for transmission and distribution equipment examining total capital expenditure and sizes individual markets for 8 categories of equipment and business service. The markets are defined in 2 categories:

A broader market of $92 billion for all products in 2007, equipment and services, with total capex of $154 billion including installation costs and a smaller more concentrated market for high tech products and added-value services excluding cables and lines, which is estimated at $62 billion in 2007 (a substantial increase on $54 billion in 2006). This transmission and distribution market research report contains a detailed section for each country examining the T&D industry, its structure, its size and the entities involved in it, up-dated to 2007.

The previous edition of this report identified a number of important factors which we believed to be shaping the direction of transmission and distribution globally and which would have significant impacts on the market in the coming years. These predictions have proved accurate and the present report reveals a large surge in capital expenditure in T&D in 2006/07 and the coming years. The most important finding of this edition of the ABS T&D Report is the significantly increased levels of capital expenditure on T&D in 2006 and 2007 and the prediction that this optimistic outlook will continue for another five years.

The T&D database can also be bought with the report. It is an excel database containing two sets of data in a total of 21 spreadsheets:

- 9 spreadsheets contain analysis with historical data from 1970 and forecasts annually to 2012 of the transmission and distribution line lengths and capacity.

- 10 spreadsheets contain market sizes and annual forecasts from 2007 to 2012 for total capital expenditure, the total equipment market and 8 equipment categories.


Transmission line lengths km

1. Installed line lengths km 1970-2010 (5 yrs)

2. Installed line lengths km 2007-2012 (1 yr)

3. Annual new and 40 year old line lengths km 2007-2012 (1 yr)

Distribution line lengths km

4. Installed line lengths km 1970-2010 (5 yrs)

5. Installed line lengths km 2007-2012 (1 yr)

6. Annual new and 40 year old line lengths km 2007-2012 (1 yr)

System capacity MVA

7. Installed capacity MVA 1970-2010 (5 yrs)

8. Installed capacity MVA 2007-2012 (1 yr)

9. Annual new and 40 year old capacity MVA 2007-2012 (1 yr)

Voltage levels and underground/overhead lines

10. Analysis of voltage levels of T&D lines by km (snapshot) for 139 countries (6 spreadsheets)

11. Analysis of underground/overhead lines by voltage and km (snapshot) for 51 countries (9 spreadsheets)


Market forecasts in current value ($2007) annually from 200 to 2012

12. T&D capital expenditure

13. Total T&D equipment market

14. Power and distribution transformers

15. Switchgear markets

16. HV insulated cables

17. Overhead lines

18. Insulators, bushings and fittings

19. EHV transmission towers

20. Utility automation

21. Power systems

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T&D Report Ed 7 2008 and Database Package

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