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Focus on the Retail in China 2008

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Oct. 20, 2008) - announces that a new market research report related to the Retailing industry is available in its catalogue.

Retail in China 2008

Retail in China 2008 is the first PMR publication to focus on the retail market in China. This brand new report presents vital statistical data and analysis on the market as a whole, and also covers each individual segment - grocery, consumer electronics (includes mobile phone segment) clothing and footwear, cosmetics and toiletries, and DIY. Major market trends and influences are explored, and leading industry players are profiled at length. The challenges of selected retailers are also described via interesting case studies.

Retail in China 2008 features some 40 specially constructed profiles of leading consumer retail outlets in China, both grocery and non grocery, operating in all major sectors. The profiles include vital data such as: country of origin, entry/set up date, number of stores for 2007, revenue for 2007 and y-o-y change, brief company history, and insights on strategy and plans for the future.

Key sections

Section One presents an overview of the economic and demographic situation in China. Statistics on population from 1990-2007 are provided, along with an extensive treatment of the leading macroeconomic indicators, such as GDP growth, CPI 2001-2007, unemployment for 2002-2008, and average disposable income.

Section Two provides an overview of the retail sector in China. It tracks market value and development from 2001-2007, gives an overview of current conditions and provides forecasts for the period 2008-2010. Influential trends are analysed and the commercial property market in China is evaluated.

Section Three concentrates on the grocery retail market, providing an overview of market value from 2001-2007, along with forecasts for 2008-2010. Market trends and major distribution channels for grocery products are described, along with the grocery outlets operated by major retailers across China. Leading players are ranked by 2007 sales, and profiles of these companies are provided.

Section Four focuses on the non-food retail market, presenting an overview of the Chinese non-food retail segment and data on market value from 2005-2007, along with forecasts for the period 2008- 2010 for each of these segments: consumer electronics market, fashion market, cosmetics and toiletries market, and DIY market. Leading players are ranked by 2007 sales, and profiles of these companies are provided.

Report overview

Understanding the economic and demographic forces at work in China is crucial to an effective evaluation of the current retail market, as well as the projected trends and forecasts for the industry.

This report contains all the pertinent economic and demographic data, including:

- GDP growth and CPI for 2001-2007

- unemployment rates for 2002-2008

- average disposable income of Chinese urban residents 2004-2007

- population statistics for 1990-2007.

Retail in China 2008 provides a comprehensive overview of the retail market in China, featuring:

- retail market values 2001-2010

- trends that have influenced and continue to effect market development

- leading retailers in China, listed by 2007 sales data

- commercial property market details

- retail market forecast 2008-2010.

Executive summary
Economic and demographic situation
Macroeconomic background

Disposable income and unemployment rate

Retail industry overview
Market size and structure

Regional disparity
Market development forecast

Leading retail companies

Reshaping of format mix
Ongoing concentration
Ongoing consolidation
Exploring second-tier cities
Aggressive development of foreign retailers
Differentiation and private label development
Shopping trends
Customer trends

Commercial property market

Shopping malls proliferating in major cities

Grocery retail market
Market value and forecast
Grocery outlets
Major distribution channels


Convenience stores

Case study: 7-Eleven

Other channels
Leading grocery retailers
Case study: Bailian Group
Profiles of selected players

NGS Supermarket
CR Vanguard/Suguo
Lianhua Supermarket
Shanghai Hualian Supermarket
Metro Cash and Carry
Wu Mart
Beijing Hualian Hypermarket

Non-food retail market
Consumer electronics retail market

Case study: BestBuy

Profiles of important consumer electronics retailers

Gome Electrical Appliances Holding
Suning Electrical Appliance Holdings
Five Star
Dazhong Electronics

Mobile phone retail market

Profiles of important mobile phone retailers


Clothing and footwear retail market

Case study: Parkson

Profiles of important clothing and footwear retailers


Cosmetics and toiletries retail market
Profiles of important cosmetics retailers


Do-It-Yourself retail market
Profiles of important DIY retailers

Homemart Decoration
Home Depot
Leroy Merlin

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List of tables
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