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September 26, 2013 09:00 ET

focus@will Adds Music Energy Control Feature to Combat Varying Levels of Focus Fatigue

The Concentration-Enhancing Music Service's New Experimental Feature Aims to Find the Optimal Music Energy Level for Your Focus State & Brain Type to Add an Extra Hour of Focus to Each Day, Also Adding a New User Account Structure

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - Sep 26, 2013) - focus@will (, the neuroscience based music service that helps you optimize your attention span up to 400% when working, studying, writing and reading, has recently incorporated a new update to their web and mobile platforms. A new music energy control has been added to the most recent version of focus@will, allowing users to personalize the overall music stream energy intensity with "low, medium, and high" settings. focus@will has also honed in on three different level accounts, providing varying levels of personalization for a more tapered user experience.

Based on recent neuroscience research, studies have found different periods throughout the day in which heightened concentration is difficult to sustain as focus fatigue increases, especially in the late afternoon. Having the ability to now change the intensity of the music stream, users can compensate during these low-concentration periods by modifying the energy setting and accessing up to another hour of focused productivity to the work day.

The team has also revamped the iOS and Android mobile apps, improving Internet connectivity, Facebook sign in, player bugs and loading times, player stability issues, added in-app updates, in-app reviews, Facebook sharing.

A new user account structure has been introduced: Guest, Personal and Pro accounts have been added allowing users to choose their Focus experience. Unregistered Guest accounts permit access to sample the system, allowing access to 60 minutes of music per channel. Free Personal accounts, which require a brief registration, permit access to five hours of music per channel and unlock a select few personalization features. Paid Pro account holders have access to the entire music library, unlimited focus time with no session interruptions, the productivity tracker to chart your progress over time and all additional personalization features that maximize your productivity.

"In keeping our ultimate goal in mind, to make it increasingly easy for focusers to improve their attention span, we have done further research that leads to this advance in energy intensity control," says CEO Will Henshall. "User feedback is key to the successful implementation of this feature to focus@will. We truly encourage users to let us know what they think, so we can fine-tune and improve concentration everywhere."

This feature is still in the experimental stages as there is not yet a specific recommendation whether a high intensity or low intensity setting is more beneficial to the user. Feedback currently indicates that different users have different optimal settings and that changing intensities either way assists sustaining attention.

Additional information on the new features:

  • Music Energy Level adjustment is located under the channel changer drop down
  • This control alters the overall amount of perceived "energy" in your music stream by subtly changing various parameters of the playlist sequencers on the server
  • As concentration fatigue increases, try changing the intensity control -- either up or down
  • This feature is still at the experimental stage**


About focus@will
CEO Will Henshall and John Vitale founded focus@will in 2010 with the goal of building a music system to help those struggling to focus while working, studying, writing and reading. focus@will is the first online and mobile music application designed to significantly increase attention span and provide productivity on demand. With over 20,000 patrons since the launch of its private beta service in December, focus@will is a pioneer and innovator of the rapidly growing productivity music space. Seeing a need in the landscape for an entirely different form of music, focus@will's founders forged a new category of music optimized, created and curated into a service that helps focus and retain information.

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