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April 11, 2012 14:21 ET

Followmont Transport Provides Efficient and Reliable Transport Services, in Business Review Australia

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwire - Apr 11, 2012) - In a report in Business Review Australia, Anthony Salpietro explains why Followmont Transport is the best in the industry.

Providing the best express transport service to Regional Queensland for over 25 years, Followmont Transport Pty. Ltd. has worked diligently to develop lasting relationships with their clients. Now, a focus on reliable, on-time delivery, diversifying their services and an emphasis on employee safety means the company will continue to expand and forge new relationships with customers.

Entrepreneurial Initiative

Followmont Transport was initially founded in Stones Corner, Brisbane when Alan Salpietro and Bernie Tobin saw an opportunity to capitalise on a rail strike threatening the reliable delivery of daily magazines throughout Queensland. Approaching the magazine distributor, their quick thinking developed into a profitable enterprise as they began moving the shipments by the truckload. The distributor was so impressed with their initiative and quality services that even after the rail strike ended, Followmont Transport continued to provide the primary transport system for the distributor.

Diversifying to Remain Competitive

In a short amount of time, Followmont Transport became the largest independently owned transport company in Queensland and currently ships goods through 14 company-owned depots throughout the region. Salpietro and Tobin still work as directors in the company, alongside their sons, Anthony Salpietro and Mark Tobin. Shipments have diversified to include other print media, mail, pharmaceuticals, and even bread and produce.

"We try to maintain a set revenue stream by diversifying our product, but at the same time maintaining the continuity of the basic model that makes us successful," says CEO and director Anthony Salpietro.

Express general freight now provides the bulk of Followmont Transport's business and expanding to process various goods allows the company to offer competitive prices to their customers. The company's loyal clientele base speaks to its widespread customer satisfaction; the initial magazine clients are still its biggest clients and make up 15 per cent of the yearly revenue.

Followmont Transport processes a staggering amount of shipments. One thousand tonnes of express general freight are moved each day, including over 2 million magazines which are distributed to 4,500 outlets per week. The company also provides magazine packaging, streamlining the delivery from printer to newsstand.

Company vehicles travel over 50,000 km a day, translating into a countless number of shuttles and connections, all which need to be tracked to ensure shipments are received on time. Freight is GPS-tracked in real-time, providing full electronic visibility of every vehicle. A reliable reputation for on-time deliveries has allowed the company to develop a specific emphasis in transporting time-sensitive shipments.

This tracking system, as well as online technologies, enhances client-supplier communication. "We have invested heavily in our technology providing flexibility to our clients with our systems as well as seamless operation from pickup to delivery," says Salpietro. "We offer web-based as well as business to business (B2B) solutions for our customers and can tailor our systems to meet their reporting and compliance requirements."

While constantly working to improve the efficiency of these technologies and retaining a focus on timely procedures, Followmont Transport works to make sure employee safety is never compromised.

Commitment to Safety

Branding their own safe work system, Followsafe, the company has undertaken mass and maintenance systems, and is compliant with all laws pertaining to road transport. "The Maintenance System empowers us to self regulate our fleet maintenance," says Salpietro, "and the Mass System allows us additional tolerances in regulating driver hours which in turn improves efficiency of our line haul runs."

Followmont Transport works with a specialised network of local agents. Employee training and education are top-notch, including in-depth workshops and toolbox talks. The company's employees, over 600, are not only focused on safety and training, but also creating a cohesive group working towards common goals.

"We are very focused on personal development, not only educationally, but culturally," says Salpitero, and the "Team Followmont" mantra states: "Focus, Respect, Pride, Be Positive, Flexibility, Accountability, and Have Fun."

This attitude helps shape invested, happy employees. Long-term workers are prevalent in the company and some employees have been with Followmont Transport for over 20 years.

Expanding Across Australia

Infusing their mission with a sense of purpose and positivity has helped Followmont Transport continuously expand over the years. While the floods and cyclones affecting the region did have an impact on the company's business, remarkably, the dire global economic state has had no noticeable effect on its ability to maintain consistent revenue.

With plans to grow their business by 50 per cent in the next three to five years, Followmont Transport will continue to focus on maintaining the high quality of its services. "Our biggest challenge has been to keep control of our growth," says Salpietro. "We have always provided a 'be everything to everyone' type of service. This becomes very challenging with growth if you don't have all necessary systems in place."

Since continued growth means a larger fleet, the directors are also adopting measures to reduce the company's environmental impact. Sustainable initiatives include specially built warehouses and the purchase of only new equipment, meaning emissions are reduced each year.

Looking to the Future

Followmont Transport has grown into a business that the Tobins and Salpietros are proud to run, testament to the fact that honesty and good customer service provide the backbone of a successful business. The recognition of their success has traveled beyond their client base.

In 2011, the Queensland 400, a "premier forum for recognising and celebrating the achievements of the State's unsung 'business heroes' -- the owners of privately owned businesses who are the backbone of the Queensland economy -- and their vital contribution to wealth and employment creation in the State," named Followmont Transport as the Top New Entrant, according to the company's web site.

The company will continue to be family-owned and the arrangement "provides succession and continuity to Followmont's success and future growth." The four directors continue to focus on a hands-on approach with integral positions in the everyday running of the company.

Continually investing in employees, equipment and infrastructure, Followmont Transport will continue to grow on a nationwide level throughout Australia. "As we grow, we are continually changing our systems and processes to retain control of our business," says Salpietro. "We plan on expanding nationally by doing what we have been doing for 30 years, and that is providing the best express transport service and network to Regional Queensland."

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Originally established in 1983 by Alan Salpietro and Bernie Tobin, Followmont Transport began as a small business run out of Stones Corner, Brisbane. The company offers reliable and efficient packing, storage and distribution of goods through road freight and air service.

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