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April 17, 2008 15:44 ET

Food Processing Industry's "Healthy Foods" Still Wolves in Sheep's Clothing

Dr. Mark Hyman of UltraWellness Explains Why Most So Called "Healthy Food Choices" Are Simply Junk Foods in Disguise

LENOX, MA--(Marketwire - April 17, 2008) - More and more foods are popping up in the increasingly health conscious food market touting health and nutrition claims such as "trans fat-free," "gluten-free," "heart healthy," and foods spiked with vitamins, but most of these "healthy food choices" don't provide any benefit.

"We must be very careful to avoid the marketing ploys of the food industry, which wants to trick us into eating more junk food by putting it in friendlier packaging," said Mark Hyman, M.D. of UltraWellness. "This includes whole-grain foods that are still full of sugar, foods with misleading labels such as 'produced without antibiotics that impact antibiotic resistance in humans,' and my personal favorite: sodas 'enhanced' with vitamins and minerals."

According to Dr. Hyman, the food processing industry simply modifies packaging and ingredients in food just slightly to give the impression of health and nutrition, while continuing to provide poor-quality, nutrient-poor, calorie-dense foods.

"The processed foods industry has started to employ very careful and deliberate marketing ploys to gain a foothold in the health foods market," said Hyman. "However, most of what is available in the marketplace is simply not real food. We have to be very cautious as consumers to recognize label claims for health benefits on processed foods, which sprinkle miniscule, non-therapeutic amounts of healthful ingredients into otherwise poor-quality, high-calorie, nutrient-poor foods, giving us the illusion that we are doing something good for ourselves.

"I encourage you to eat food that comes from a farmer's field and not a food chemist's laboratory -- and you will not have to worry about all these functional food claims. Food scientists tend to make us think that we need all these special ingredients in foods to stay healthy. But they are just extracting them from real, whole foods -- so why not start with the whole food in the first place?"

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