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September 06, 2012 06:00 ET

Food Processor Utilizes AccountMate to Support Catch Weight Processing and Comply With Federal Food Safety Regulations

PETALUMA, CA--(Marketwire - Sep 6, 2012) - Utilizing industry-specific solutions and AccountMate's financial management system, Smokey Denmark is 100% compliant with quality standards mandated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Adhering to the highest food manufacturing standards, modern food processing equipment and time honored recipes, Smokey Denmark has made premium smoked sausage products, smoked briskets and other smoked meat products since 1964.

Over time, several business challenges affected operations. Fluctuating meat costs for pork and beef products were complex to manage. The Public Health Security and Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Act of 2002 (the Bioterrorism Act) mandated that all food companies establish lot control.

"We were flying blind," recalls Jonathan Pace, Smokey Denmark President. "We needed to know if we were making money or losing money."

Consequently, Smokey required a sophisticated financial management solution that controlled costs and incorporated government-regulated lot control capabilities. To solve these challenges, the company turned to Tamlin Software Developers, Inc., an Elite AccountMate Business Partner, for a solution.

"With a business model based upon quality and ongoing improvements, Smokey Denmark clearly identified what they needed and they've been tremendously effective in implementing a new company-wide software system," recalled Linda Bryan, Tamlin President and CEO.

Upon Tamlin's recommendation, Smokey installed AccountMate SQL Express to solve its core accounting requirements. Tamlin's Food Manufacturing Conductor™ and Bassets Fixed Asset System integrate seamlessly with AccountMate accounting software.

The first step in the company's technology make-over included an overhaul in the placement, tracking and management of all meat orders. To handle these transactions, Tamlin's Food Manufacturing Conductor™ supports catch weight processing, which is the recording of dual units of measure for inventory, sales and invoicing transactions. As a result, customers can order in one unit of measure, such as packages or cases, and be invoiced based upon per-pound pricing. This enables Smokey Denmark to effectively manage costs with minimum effort.

Next, the company addressed essential shop-floor processing so that manufacturing, inventory management and quality control initiatives could be fully realized. As required by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Food Manufacturing Conductor™ will track all raw materials ingredients, work in process and finished goods by lot and vendor number. Raw materials are bar-coded when they are received and tracked with pertinent data capture as they move through the manufacturing process. Consequently, employees can monitor processes throughout the day, tracing each ingredient forward and backward, maintaining adequate records and determining the root cause of any problem or non-conformance within hours of an incident. With this change Smokey can quickly isolate and resolve quality non-conformances, ultimately reducing the cost of scrap ingredients and manufacturing downtime.

Bassets Fixed Assets System calculates on-the-fly depreciation for any period with intelligent data entry wizards and automatic asset deprecation schedule information. Food manufacturers are required to use expensive specialty, technical equipment for food production. With Bassets Fixed Assets System, Smokey can accurately control costs and maximizes tax savings while meeting all necessary fixed asset reporting requirements.

Together, third party systems and AccountMate provide Smokey Denmark with a comprehensive front-to-back business management solution that allows the company to control costs, comply with FDA regulations and continue manufacturing premium meat products for future generations.

Recalls Pace, "We are very happy with our accounting system -- it captures information correctly and gives us good data in the process so we can effectively manage our business."

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