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April 06, 2011 09:51 ET

Food Shock Report From Details Real Story Behind Rising Food Prices and How Families Can Find Relief

THOMSON, IL--(Marketwire - April 6, 2011) - While many media outlets have been covering the rising food prices that have crippled our nation there has been little attention paid to what has actually caused the dramatic increase in cost. Some of these articles may point to environmental conditions, shrinking farmland, or an expanding population as the reason for the spike in food prices and while these all play a part in the current situation they fail to explain the whole story.

The reality is there has been a perfect storm of circumstances and events that have brought us to this point and we are dangerously close to seeing our world food supply hit catastrophic levels. To fully appreciate the situation that we are now in we must have a clear understanding of the big picture and through this recognition we can begin to take the necessary actions to safeguard our own food supply source.

To help people get a clearer understanding of the dire situation we now face is now providing its members with a free copy "Food Shock: Why 2011 Could Be The Most Important Year Ever To Plant A Family Garden," a special report that details not only the factors that have led to the depletion of our food supply but what we can do to ensure we stay healthy during the unpredictable days that lay ahead.

By signing up to receive the free weekly newsletter from you'll receive the Food Shock report at no cost, providing you with a comprehensive picture of just how desperate a situation we are in. This Food Shock report isn't some basic overview that scratches the surface, it is an in-depth look into the root causes of food price increases and perhaps even more importantly a very real answer to what we can do to combat these rising costs.

Food Shock: Why 2011 Could Be The Most Important Year Ever To Plant A Family Garden digs deeper than any report that has been issued on the rising food prices, giving readers the opportunity to see the significance of a dwindling honeybee population and the impact that a shrinking bat population has on food production. The report doesn't stop there, pointing to the impact that ethanol initiatives have had on crop production and how this has affected the price of not only corn but also beef, pork, and chicken.

Of course the free Food Shock report covers the issues that been documented by traditional media outlets but these factors are examined in greater detail. It's not enough just to say that environmental issues have impacted food prices, the Food Shock report drives home the importance of understanding the impact that the droughts in China will have on us, the long-term effects of flooding in Australian farmland, and the food supply outlook following one of the worst winters to hit Europe in recent memory.

The real value of the Food Shock report offered by is the peek into the future that it provides. As genetically altered fruits and vegetables continue to make their way to the market and the advancement of nanotechnology finds its mark on food production the nutritional value of what we are putting on our plates is suffering, and in many cases this food is a direct threat to our health.

Obviously anybody can point out the problems but what Food Shock: Why 2011 Could Be The Most Important Year Ever To Plant A Family Garden ultimately does is provide the reader with an alternative to a reliance on an unpredictable future. In detail thee Food Shock report outlines how home gardening not only saves families a considerable amount of money but also provides them with the vitamins and minerals that are lacking in today's fruits and vegetables. Self-sufficiency isn't a matter of an individual against a broken system; it's a matter of personal responsibility and taking their health and the health of their family seriously. This is exactly what the Food Shock report provides its readers, a clear path to a brighter future.

Because of the magnitude of the food supply crisis and its threat to our way of life "Food Shock: Why 2011 Could Be The Most Important Year Ever To Plant A Family Garden" is being offered at no cost to those who sign up for the free weekly newsletter published by

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