January 12, 2010 04:21 ET

FoodLogiQ Solves Universal Food Traceability Challenge With a Hosted, Easy to Use and Affordable Technology at

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC--(Marketwire - January 12, 2010) - FoodLogiQ, the leading provider of On Demand Food Safety and Traceability software, is launching a free version of an innovative application for growers, produce buyers and consumers. This technology solution makes the goal of farm-to-fork traceability achievable for family operated farms and larger grower/packer/shipper operations alike. Once adopted, consumers will have full confidence that their produce has been brought to market following safe food practices and enables full traceability from farm to fork. FoodLogiQ has developed the first application to deliver complete supply chain traceability information directly to the consumer's mobile device. The baseline version of the application is free to all food chain participants -- grower, produce supplier, and consumer.

This ready-to-use, hosted software solution enables growers to comply with the produce traceability initiative requirements while marketing their business directly to produce buyers, to connect with consumers directly about their food, and to meet industry and government labeling requirements around traceability and country of origin labeling.

Produce buyers are able to search the directory for local produce, rate suppliers, and review and recommend products. Consumers and produce buyers can also leverage mobilemarQit short codes to find the origin of traceable food. Underlying mobilemarQit is FoodLogiQ's traceability solution which enables growers, packers-shippers through to retailers to capture, identify and trace detailed information about a product at the item, case or pallet level.

FoodLogiQ is also addressing the needs of industry associations at Registration for associations will result in free traceability for members, create a branded community collaborative platform for the association, and create a social networking environment where members can share information with each other.

FoodLogiQ's technology is designed to take advantage of cloud computing, providing software-as-a-service to users. To leverage this new software solution, produce growers simply register their business on FoodLogiQ's website at, add their product listing and create a mobilemarQit keyword to share branding and production information with consumers. For a small monthly fee, FoodLoqiQ's advanced on-line tools for Traceability Records Management and Food Safety Documents Management are available.

FoodLogiQ, already an industry leader in livestock traceability, has been working extensively with the industry to understand what traceability means to growers. In an information rich world, consumers expect the ability to verify product claims and access information about their food wherever and whenever they want and the FoodLogiQ solution enables growers to exceed these expectations.

About FoodLogiQ

FoodLogiQ® LLC is a leading provider of traceability and food safety software enabling producers, processors and retailers to ensure they are providing safe food products to the consumer. FoodLogiQ's software platform combines Traceability, Quality Management, Food Safety Compliance, and Consumer Mobile applications in a single integrated community collaborative application. Customers use these products to manage food quality, safety and traceability programs from the day a grower plants a seed in the field to the instant a consumer seeks assurance by sending a text message to find out more about the food they are about to buy.

FoodLogiQ customers include Seneca Foods, Weaver Street Markets, Jackson Farming Company, the Wisconsin Livestock Identification Consortium (WLIC), the Canadian Cattlemen's Association (CCA), the Canadian Beef Breeds Association, Pfizer, Grayson Natural Foods, NC Choices, and Eastern Carolina Organics.

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