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March 25, 2014 08:00 ET

Food+Tech Leader Buyer's Best Friend Signs 100th Technology Customer for Office Snack Delivery

Feeding Silicon Valley Snack Culture With Unmatched Access to Healthier, Inspiring Snacks

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Mar 25, 2014) - As Silicon Valley startups and venture capitalist firms seek healthier alternatives to fuel their employees, Buyer's Best Friend has signed its 100th customer in its corporate snack business. The company is providing technology innovators with the largest variety of healthier, inspiring snacks that fit any diet, and they're using technology to personalize the experience.

"Silicon Valley is home to the highest concentration of cutting-edge, technology pioneers in the world, and they're always looking for the most innovative perks to attract and retain top talent," said CEO and co-founder Adam Sah. "BBF's deep roots in the food+tech business provide these innovators -- companies such as Indiegogo, New Relic, Chartboost, Climate Corp., Joyent, Salesforce, EasyPost and more -- with an unmatched variety of healthier snack choices."

Snacking is an important part of Silicon Valley culture. Engineers rely on energy rich bars to power through late night hacking sessions. VCs, by contrast, usually start early and often eat breakfast in the office. Sharing snacks and coffee creates teamwork and community in the office. In contrast to the telecommuting trend, innovative startups try to bring their teams close together and create inviting environments for collaboration.

Innovative Tech Companies Gain Access to the Largest Online Catalog for Specialty Food Products

BBF was founded by Joyce Guan, a former food broker, and Adam Sah, a veteran engineer from Google and 6 startups. Both had ties to the food startup community and wanted to help inspiring food entrepreneurs go to market. Together they built the largest online catalog of specialty food products to introduce up-and-coming brands like Dang Coconut chips to major buyers like Whole Foods, Virgin Airlines, and Google. The catalog now boasts over 150,000 products from thousands of producers. BBF opened its first retail store in 2012, and added office snack delivery in 2013.

Corporate customers can request free samples at Snackers can then go online and indicate their specific preferences such as gluten-free, low calorie, high energy, vegan, paleo, etc. The BBF software tracks their order history to ensure a constant stream of snacks that will delight everyone in the office. Customers can then rate their snack preferences that BBF's recommendation engine uses to personalize choices based on their feedback.

Tech-Powered Corporate Snacks Changing the Game in the Food Industry

The corporate snack program gives technology companies access to the most innovative new brands because of BBF's strong relationships with food vendors and huge online catalog. BBF recommends the best corporate snacks for any company based on its Big Snack Data which tracks orders across its business and can pinpoint trends long before these innovative snacks are in stores. BBF knows what people like, what they order and what's up and coming.

"BBF is the 'Pandora of food'," said Joyce Guan, co-founder and vice president of sales. "Just like with music, people may have their favorites but they still want variety in what they eat each day. Every one of our food vendors have an inspiring story to tell. With the new corporate snack offering, BBF is connecting these two communities of innovators with snacks that inspire."

BBF Links Food Entrepreneurs and Silicon Valley Technology Innovators

San Francisco and Silicon Valley startups and VC firms are thrilled with the healthier and unique options BBF provides to their offices. Through the program, they are introduced to new foods they've never seen in grocery stores that are delicious, energy sustaining, and fit into their on-the-go workday.

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"Snacks create community. Even with social media, nothing replaces face-to-face interactions. The snack room is the 21st century water cooler," said Steve McElfresh, vice president of People Operations at New Relic. "New Relic has created an inviting café dubbed 'Nerdvana' that encourages our talented employees to collaborate with each other and experience a variety of healthier choices, including snacks provided by BBF among others."

"Silicon Valley companies are looking for healthier alternatives to highly processed or sugary snacks. BBF, with its deep relationships with food startups, helps office managers navigate the many choices and find the innovative food startups who are creating these cutting-edge, healthier snacks," said Bradford Oberwager, CEO and chairman of BARE and founder/chairman of Sundia. 'I've been in this industry for years and Buyer's Best Friend is a true visionary. The depth of its online catalog and relationships with vendors provides incredible variety, and on the vendor side, they've helped us get into new markets such as the new corporate snack audience."

"The technology community is having a positive impact on how offices are functioning," said Marco DeLeon, co-founder of Rip Van Wafels. "Gathering in the snack room with innovative snacks that are unique, tasty, and healthier makes a company a good place to work and connect on a different level. Buyer's Best Friend gives us the opportunity to have that connection with a wider variety of offices."

"We've made high-quality roasted seaweed for Korean grocers since 1996, but when we launched Seaweed Love to Western markets last year, Buyer's Best Friend helped us get into new markets and reach a larger audience," said Kevin Nho, founder of Seaweed Love. "Buyer's Best Friend helped us get into Google and expose us to many others who discovered us on BBF's online catalog."

"Buyer's Best Friend's founders, Adam and Joyce, are so in tune with the food industry, they know what's selling and what's the next big thing," said Scott Kucirek, CEO of Five Star Organics, maker of OCHO Candy bars. "Their connections and the system they've built with thousands of small independents is disrupting the distribution chain -- this is Big Data in action! They've introduced us to bigger companies, airlines, and now corporate kitchens -- helping grow our business in channels we wouldn't have approached."

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