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April 26, 2011 09:01 ET

Footloose Games Launches Munchies' Lunch for PC

Inspired by the Journey of a Real Family, Munchies' Lunch is an Epic Story That Plays as an Exciting Puzzle-Adventure Game!

KITCHENER, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - April 26, 2011) -

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Footloose Games, an emerging player in the casual gaming marketplace, announces the launch of its first commercial game, Munchies' Lunch, a puzzle-adventure game that combines a heartwarming true story with highly addictive game-play to create an unique experience that will appeal to players of all ages.

Munchies' Lunch is quick to learn, challenging, and intellectually stimulating. As Mrs. Munchie, players work to lead the Munchie family away from the dangerous Hungries who have invaded the family's forest dwelling. They travel the world to find safe haven, gathering food for the little Munchies while avoiding fights with the devious creatures that cross their path. With one hundred levels to complete in both adventure and challenge mode, Munchies' Lunch offers fun and adventure for everyone. The game's polished graphics and inter-zone animations help build and sustain the story, as each level becomes more challenging.

Munchies' Lunch is available direct from Footloose Games and can be purchased online for CAN$ 5.99 at Mac and iPad versions of the game are soon to follow.

"We are dedicated to building games that replace violence with fun and inspiration," says Footloose Games founder, producer and CEO VladoJokic. "The story of Mrs. Munchie and her family is one that will capture the hearts of all who play this game, as it reflects the struggles that many real families endure every day. Whether our players' inspiration comes from the challenge of gameplay, or their relationship to the story or Mrs. Munchie, we want to make sure all are having a great time in the few minutes of free time they have each day." In this early stage of their release, they have already received an overwhelmingly positive response from female players of all ages, and in particular from the hero-moms out there who are seeking a safe, violence free game to play by themselves or with their children.

"I like to spend time playing puzzle games because I feel as though my brain is getting a bit of a workout. I like that Munchies' Lunch is a puzzle game because I feel like I have made use of my gaming downtime, instead of just mindlessly wasting my moments away... With my daughter's interest in watching me play, I know it won't be long before she gets the hang of playing Munchies' Lunch too. This is great because Munchies' Lunch is the kind of game which helps with critical thinking and strategy" says Lindsay, The Urban Momtographer and a mom.

Players move Mrs. Munchie in order to collect food. When you make a move, the monsters also make a move, but in the opposite direction. The monsters can collect the food too, so be careful. Players must collect enough food to pass on to the next level. However, players can also attempt to reach the perfect score. Later puzzles introduce new special items to help, like jalapenos, mushrooms and stopwatches. The game-play is easy to learn yet tough to master, providing hours of addictive fun.

Features of Munchies' Lunch include:

  • Highly addictive puzzles with 100 fun levels to explore in adventure and challenge modes
  • Progress through the game and unlock foods and items that will give you cool new abilities
  • Follow the family's incredible journey in adventure mode and discover mysterious and freaky new creatures
  • Travel through the deepest of forests, over the highest mountains, and through the scorching desert to reach your far-away destination
  • Gorgeous 2D "cut scene" animations that reflect your progress between every zone
  • Breathtaking scenery
  • Enjoy the original soundtrack that you'll be humming for days

About Footloose Games

Footloose Games ( is an emerging gaming start-up based in Kitchener, Ontario, officially founded in 2008 by two friends studying Computer Science at The University of Waterloo. Footloose Games is a developer and publisher of casual games for all ages across PC, Mac, mobile and web platforms. Their main focus is to create captivating games that deliver original game-play and content that is relatable to everyday people, thus making it a worthwhile gaming experience. Munchies' Lunch was designed to cater to mothers and children in particular. The games' main character is a mom and the storyline really helps build and share the experience in which all moms are real heroes. Footloose Games' ultimate goal is to make games accessible by everyone of all ages, with each game being designed to tend to a particular demographic.

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