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August 16, 2012 19:26 ET

For Lawyers & Doctors Profile Defenders States: Reviews Are Make-or-Break to Stay in Business

With the World Wide Web in the Palm of One's Hand Consumers Have the Ability to Write Criticism for Professionals Like Lawyers, Doctors, and Accountants That Can Extremely Damage One's Practice, According to Profile Defenders

OCEAN TOWNSHIP, NJ--(Marketwire - Aug 16, 2012) - A critic can make or break a business if they have enough power behind them. If Donald Trump established a real estate lawyer as being no good in the Manhattan or Palm Beach, Florida area than they could very well be out of business in no time. In today's world when a patient seeks out a doctor or lawyer for their health or legal needs they go to the internet to do their research.

A recently released report showcased that consumers are three times more likely to leave a negative review about a restaurant they eat at than a single visit or conversation with a lawyer or doctor but the costs of even one negative review for these type of professionals can be a thousand times more costly than a negative review for a dining establishment.

Popular sites like,,, and for doctors can be the holy grail for bringing in new business but can be deadly if the reviews aren't natural looking and with some glaringly positive ones. For lawyers, sites like Martindale,, and determine who lands the big clients and who does not.

While this may sound potentially disturbing for Lawyers and Doctors as any unhappy client and patient can destroy your reputation in a matter of seconds there is hope. Cyber maids such as Profile Defenders -- a leading Online Reputation Management firm which was recently featured in the Wall Street Journal and Inc. Magazine -- can help Doctors and Legal professionals repair their destroyed reputations on the World Wide Web.

Since the cyber maid profession has started Profile Defenders has defended hundreds of Lawyers and Doctors who have succumbed to false and defamating reviews that have nearly crippled their practices until the Online reputation management firm came to clean up the mess.

Mitch Roffman, a reputation specialist, was quoted as saying that "Online reviews have the power to change a business entirely. What do you think when you Google a firm and the first thing you see is their website followed by a negative review, what do you think?" In the end the easy access to information showcases the importance of having a positive image on page 1 of search results.

Advice for online public relation advising is another service that teaches their clients. Letting them know that responding to negative and false criticism is only going to exacerbate an issue as was stated in their feature in Entrepreneur magazine.

According to Profile Defenders, reviews don't always warrant a response from the Lawyers or Doctors office. ORM specialists and advisors should let everybody know that responses only end up making the results rank higher up in search results. This is obviously something that is not beneficial to a client and thus creates the need for firms like Profile Defenders.

Not all negative reviews can be removed but often times there are secret loopholes that only the most savvy computer wizards are able to discover to figure out how to best attack an issue. In the end ensuring that Doctors, Lawyers, and Accountants don't lose any business due to false reviews is what matters to the ORM firms that care about their clients as these high profile defenders apparently do.

Profile Defenders is the leader in the Reputation Management field. With recent press coverage from leading publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Yahoo Finance, the Sun Sentinel, Bloomberg News, Entrepreneur magazine,,, and tons more thanks to their impressive work and famous client base. They can be reached via phone at their Washington D.C. call center at 202-709-6571.

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