SOURCE: Author Irvin Cannon

Author Irvin Cannon

April 24, 2012 12:41 ET

'For the Love of Dog Tales' Speaks on Canines' Behalf

PHOENIX, AZ--(Marketwire - Apr 24, 2012) - Author Irvin Cannon offers a novel twist on the traditional protagonist in his new book, "For the Love of Dog Tales" (, featuring canine heroes.

What would a dog say if he or she could talk? By giving dogs language, and giving us access to their thoughts, Cannon crafts emotionally moving stories. They include the trials of greyhounds and pit bulls that must perform to standards or suffer torture or death. He puts readers in the paws of laboratory and homeless dogs, who must cope not only with starvation and disease, but also the heartbreaking loss of family and friends.

"For all of the good that man's best friend offers to the human world, canines are often systematically brutalized," Cannon says. "They give companionship, military and police services, assistance to the blind and the cancer-stricken, and they often double as bodyguards, yet many are treated like consumable commodities drained of their valuable content and tossed like nonrefundable bottles at a garbage dump."

Faithful and loving, dogs experience painful emotions, too, he notes. Cannon writes from the point of view of Robbie, a homeless dog: "I don't understand this thing called love -- if it's supposed to be good for you, why does it hurt so bad?"

Cannon pens his stories as part of an effort to end cruelty toward animals, dogs in particular because of their long history of friendship and service toward mankind. That history has often been charitable -- on the part of dogs. They act as therapeutic buddies to returning war veterans suffering posttraumatic stress disorder; a program between prisoners and pit bulls yields mutual reform; and there are frequently "dog saves man" stories in media.

"How we treat canines and other animals in our society is indicative of our moral compass," Cannon says. "Many in our society have become far too selfish. Dogs can teach us much if only we open our hearts."

About Irvin Cannon

Irvin Cannon was a poor child growing up in Detroit when his family took in a stray dog. He was surprised when his father was willing to share the family's meager groceries with a dog, but he soon discovered the return on their investment was enormous. A former police officer in Detroit and Denver, he also worked as a corrections officer.

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