SOURCE: Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates

Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates

August 19, 2014 03:01 ET

Foreclosing Lender Reduces $400k Off a $669k Mortgage Loan Balance Through Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates & Consumer Defense Law Group Avoiding Lender Litigation

COSTA MESA, CA--(Marketwired - Aug 19, 2014) - Mr. Canas Foreclosure was May 14th after years of failed efforts to receive help from his lender. Not giving up hope Mr. Canas was directed to That same day Mr. Canas received a call from the Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates, the legal clinic division of the Charitable Organization 'Serve All Help All'. Their motto is "When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed."

Being primarily faith based, the Organization's mission is educating and helping families in health, finances and lifestyles and firmly believe that the more educated you are about what is threatening you, the more opportunities to remedy your situation you will be given. What could be more threatening than a Lender that seems set on taking your family's home!

The Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates would not only educate Mr. Canas on why he was in his situation, but he also learned that the current owner of his Mortgage note wasn't his lender!

He learned that when they receive the Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates full lender ligation avoidance Package the lender is prohibited from continuing the foreclosure by Law.

Mr. Canas learned that the Federal Government had previously investigated many foreclosures and discovered that more than 80% of common loans audited contained forged Bank employee signatures, forged Notary signatures and other very serious violations of Law. The Nonprofit Clinic verified that Mr. Canas had this type of Mortgage loan absolutely FREE.

The Nonprofit Clinic postponed the Foreclosure Trustee Sale and recommended Mr. Canas speak to any experienced Lender Litigation Attorney. He was then introduced to Attorney John E Mortimer's Consumer Defense Law Group (CDLG), a very knowledgeable Bankruptcy and foreclosure defense Law Firm with Attorney relationships in various States across the Country.

Fortunately, Mr Canas received a proposal from his lender providing a 60% reduction off his Mortgage. His monthly payment went from $4,092.94 on a variable interest only loan to a fixed $1,569.76 Principal and Interest loan. Now happily making his new payments on time Mr. Canas Mortgage will have a permanent Principal Reduction of $401,675.75 leaving new balance of only $267,750.00.

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