SOURCE: Arbor Networks

March 18, 2008 09:00 ET

Foreshore Selects Arbor Networks for Network-Wide Security and Traffic Engineering

Foreshore Also Using Peakflow SP to Reduce Costs and Optimize IP Services

LEXINGTON, MA--(Marketwire - March 18, 2008) - Arbor Networks, a leading provider of secure service control solutions for global business networks, announced today that Foreshore, a leading provider of hosting, messaging, storage, DDoS protection and other Internet services to the offshore business world, has deployed the Arbor Peakflow SP platform ("Peakflow SP") for network-wide anomaly detection and mitigation, enabling them to cut costs and optimize critical business services for their customers.

Since its inception in 2000, Foreshore's non-stop network infrastructure is meeting the rigorous 24/7 operational requirements of international banks, major e-retailers and electronic payment providers. In an era of global network security threats that are ever increasing in size and frequency, DDoS detection and mitigation are critical to Foreshore's continued success -- and that of its customers.

Peakflow SP is delivering the pervasive network visibility, deep application insight and comprehensive threat management Foreshore needs to surgically mitigate and report on DDoS and zero-day threats before they impact critical business services. Foreshore is also using Peakflow SP for traffic engineering to improve network performance and to deliver revenue generating managed DDoS detection and mitigation services to customers.

"By providing intelligent visibility into our network traffic, Peakflow SP gives us three major benefits," says Derek Fage, technical director at Foreshore. "First, the system instantly alerts us to anomalous network activity so we can address security threats and maintain the highest quality of service. Second, it provides detailed information about suspect and attack traffic so we can conduct meaningful forensics. And third, by providing insight into where traffic is coming from, it enables more accurate traffic engineering, network planning and peering analysis -- all of which helps reduce our costs and optimize our services."

"Peakflow SP is a platform that delivers a number of benefits beyond network security. Foreshore is leveraging the broad functionality of Peakflow SP to improve network-wide visibility, security, traffic engineering and to potentially deliver managed DDoS protection services to their customers," said Rob Malan, Arbor Networks co-founder and chief technology officer.

For more detail on how Foreshore is leveraging Arbor Networks' Peakflow SP platform, please visit Arbor Networks' website to read the Solution Brief Case Study or download the podcast discussion with Derek Fage, technical director at Foreshore.

Arbor Networks Peakflow SP protects more than 70% of the world's service provider networks from security threats such as DDoS attacks, botnets and worms as well as network issues such as traffic and routing instability. Peakflow SP is delivering a unique combination of security, visibility and policy enforcement in a single box.

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