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Blue Diamond

July 23, 2012 12:47 ET

Forget the Fry Up: Health-Conscious Brits Make Time for Breakfast

Brits Are Shunning the Full English in Favour of Healthier Breakfasts

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - July 23, 2012) - Move over full English: a new breed of healthy Britons are ditching the bacon and beans to embrace healthier brekkies.

According to research by a new dairy alternative, Blue Diamond Almond Breeze, a huge 65 per cent of Brits make time for breakfast every day of the working week, with healthy options coming out top of the list of favourite foods to start the day.

In fact, nearly a quarter (24.8%) of Brits will only eat the healthiest brekkie available to them, showing just how calorie conscious we really are as a nation.

Tasty cereal came out top in the battle of the breakfasts, with almost half of Brits choosing to start their day with a bowl. Meanwhile, the traditional full English brought up the rear with only seven per cent opting to kick-start their day with bacon and beans.

Brits' top five favourite brekkies:

  1. Cereal (47.8%)
  2. Toast (39%)
  3. Porridge (20%)
  4. Fruit (15.5%)
  5. Omelette/eggs (11.6%)

But Brits appear to be creatures of habit when it comes to breakfast, with a quarter playing it safe by eating the same thing every day of the week. And surprisingly, some Brits have admitted to never trying some of the most popular breakfast foods. A whopping 20 per cent of Brits have never had baked beans on toast for brekkie, while five per cent haven't tried the nation's favourite, cereal.

Even though Brits aren't hugely adventurous when it comes to the first meal of the day, more importantly, they are far healthier than they were ten years ago. Nearly half (47%) of the 2,000 people surveyed by Almond Breeze® said they eat lower calorie breakfasts now, with 12 per cent trying to achieve a good mix across the food groups.

Amanda Ursell, nutritionist and journalist, said: "Regularly eating a nutritious breakfast has been shown to do everything from boost levels of happiness, concentration and general brain functioning to lowering levels of stress and improving physical energy.

"A good, balanced start to the day can help to control appetite and make better choices over the day ahead."

Christine Lott, spokesperson for Blue Diamond Growers, commented: "It's fantastic to see that Brits are embracing healthier choices at breakfast time.

"The majority of people realise they should be eating more balanced breakfasts. Three in ten (29.2%) feel their current choices reflect a desire to lead a healthier lifestyle, while our research also reflects the fact that Brits are more aware of the nutritional content of their food.

"When it comes to cereals, most Britons opt for semi-skimmed milk as an accompaniment, with a health-conscious 18 per cent - the majority of whom are female - topping their brekkie with skimmed milk. We are encouraging the switch to Almond Breeze® instead, which provides a healthy, low-calorie alternative to dairy milk, containing 60 per cent fewer calories than even skimmed milk*."

For more information on healthy breakfast alternatives, visit Blue Diamond at

*Comparison based on Almond Breeze® Unsweetened at 14 calories per 100ml versus skimmed milk, average at 35 calories per 100ml (source: McCance and Widdowsson, "The Composition of Foods", sixth edition).

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