February 19, 2013 14:02 ET

ForkJoy Launches Deals Program to Boost Restaurant Sales

VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Feb. 19, 2013) - ForkJoy, an innovative new application that allows consumers to search for specific food items in their local area, today announced the launch of its new "ForkJoy Deals" program to help restaurant owners increase visibility and sales. ForkJoy Deals provides significant discounts to consumers while promoting increased traffic for restaurants, creating a win-win situation for local businesses and hungry locals alike.

ForkJoy announced today that it has launched a new ForkJoy Deals program to help Victoria restaurants boost their public visibility and increase traffic and sales.

The ForkJoy Deals program delivers maximum benefits to local restaurant owners by providing them with an added venue to attract customers to sample their menu offerings. The program works like this:

  • Restaurants sign up with ForkJoy and verify their accounts.
  • Owners then design their own deal by choosing a time period and a discount amount for potential customers.
  • Customers purchase the deal through ForkJoy, increasing traffic and local buzz for the restaurant.

The difference between ForkJoy Deals and other online discount deal programs is in the way the deal is structured. Typical online deal programs take the commission for their services out of the amount paid to the restaurant. This can significantly reduce the profitability and benefit of these discount offers. ForkJoy takes a different approach with lower fees that are regained from the customer, not the restaurant owner. The company expects to achieve a higher degree of market saturation and increased values for consumers by taking this more balanced approach to discount offers.

The ForkJoy app continues to receive media and public attention for its innovative and unique approach to dining out. Rather than providing users with reviews and ratings for restaurants, ForkJoy provides information on specific dishes and food items available in the local area. For example, if the app user had a craving for duck, typing "duck" into the ForkJoy application would produce results for local menu items available at restaurants in their city. Pizza, burgers and other specialty food items are also searchable through ForkJoy. This focus on food sets ForkJoy apart from its competitors in the app marketplace. Rankings and ratings are available for some of the most popular food items, and prices may also be available through the ForkJoy app. ForkJoy has already been released for Victoria and Vancouver, but future expansions are planned to cover San Francisco, Seattle and Portland.

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