Silver Mines

February 25, 2013 05:44 ET

Formal Notice of Withdrawal from ISDX

25 February 2013

The Company Announcement Officer
ICAP Securities and Derivatives Exchange Limited
                                       Withdrawal from ISDX

Silver  Mines Limited (ASX: SVL) (ISDX: SVLP) wishes to announce its intent to withdraw  its
listing  on  the ICAP Securities and Derivatives Exchange (ISDX) with effect from  close  of
business on Friday, 29th March 2013.

On  review of the costs involved and the small take up of the platform, Silver Mines  is  of
the  opinion that there is no benefit in maintaining this dual listing and believes that  it
is  in  the  best  interests of all Shareholders to continue with a single  listing  on  the
Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).

Under  requirements  of  the ISDX, Silver Mines is required to notify  Shareholders  of  its
intent and must provide 10 business days to object to this withdrawal.

Subject to this withdrawal taking place, Silver Mines' Depositary Interests on the ISDX will
be  cancelled. All shares that are currently held on the ISDX will be transferred on  a  one
for  one  basis to the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). Silver Mines' ASX  register  is
currently maintained by Boardroom Pty Limited. Upon issue of ASX shares to the current  ISDX
Shareholders, we will provide further information on the share registry.

If  you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact Claire Gannon  on
(02) 9253 0971.

Kind regards,

Charles Straw

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