February 26, 2008 10:18 ET

Former Owner Launches Gamers Media, Vertical Ad Network for Casual Gaming

Gamers Media Targets Growing Audience for Casual Games Through Adify-Powered Vertical Ad Network

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - February 26, 2008) - Jay Gould, one of the previous owners of, today launched Gamers Media, the first vertical advertising network focused on delivering major brand advertising to casual game enthusiasts. Gould, an expert in social media, has developed Gamers Media to harness the growing audience for online casual games and to provide advertisers the ability to target affluent and engaged players via its trusted network of popular gaming sites that include BigFishGames and Gamesville.

With over 80+ million Americans now playing casual games each month, Gould saw a need for a casual games vertical ad network to help advertisers fight the growing fragmentation and reach the mid tail gaming sites, while helping those sites capture brand advertising.

Gamers Media will use Adify's Build Your Own Network (BYON) platform to create, manage and commercialize their new network. With Adify, Gamers Media will deliver brand advertising solutions that target premium niche audiences from a portfolio of Web sites. Adify's infrastructure is capable of delivering content sponsorships, video, image and rich media advertising as well as behavioral targeting. Adify provides the technology and expertise to reach elusive online audiences while enabling Gamers Media to leverage its editorial expertise and sales resources.

Gamers Media's is the largest vertical ad network focused on casual gaming, reaching nearly 20 million unique monthly visitors across over 40 Web properties. The Gamers Media audience is attractive for advertisers, including 30% of visitors earning $75k - $150k annually. In addition, the audience is highly engaged, spending just over 14 minutes per visit, with an average game play time just above 10 minutes per user.

"Online casual gaming is exploding. There are now 80+ million casual gamers in the U.S., which represents 40+% of the US online population. Online gamers are responsible for the highest disposable income of any other group, spending an estimated $170 billion worldwide," said Jay Gould, founder of Gamers Media. "Gamers Media provides advertisers with an alternative beyond the limited large scale casual game portals that currently exist. The total number of daily sites visited per user has grown 145% since 2006, and with our massive reach across many unique casual gaming sites, we help brands achieve their goals. Also, with our 'Advergames' we can help advertisers incorporate their brands into the games, creating a completely interactive and integrated experience."

Advertisers spent $370 million in 2006 in casual games, with an estimated growth to reach over $2 billion by 2011, according to Parks Associates' recent research. Gamers Media, in addition to traditional digital advertising elements, will be focusing on offering advertisers video advertising opportunities -- preload video and in-game video interstitial ads between game levels, and custom sponsorships beyond the banner.

Adify provides the key network management services required to execute successful advertising campaigns, including ad management, tracking, reporting, billing, payment and technical support functions.

"The growth of so many new channels online -- social media, user-generated content and casual games -- has made it more difficult than ever before for advertisers to reach their targets," said Russ Fradin, CEO of Adify. "Gamers Media has leveraged Adify's platform to build the first casual gaming vertical ad network, allowing brand advertisers to interact directly with their audience on quality sites in an enjoyable and engaging way."

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Adify is changing the rules of Web advertising by creating brand networks anchored by leading media companies and entrepreneurs where brand advertisers unlock value from hard to reach audiences. Adify's Build Your Own Network (BYON) technology capitalizes on the increasing fragmentation of the Internet, offering marketers the reach of a branded advertising network with the quality of a premier property buy. Through a unique mix of technology, expertise and key business services, Adify customers can rapidly define, assemble, merchandize and manage highly targeted ad networks with little or no upfront cost. Entrepreneurs and global media partners such as adChakra, Comcast Corp., The Guardian, HotChalk, Houseblogs, Martha Stewart, NBC Universal, Reuters, Time Warner, The Washington Post Co. and Yardbarker use Adify's solutions to extend their brands, increase their reach and grow their revenue. Adify was founded by the team that created Flycast Communications -- the first successful direct-response online advertising solution -- and is backed by blue-chip venture firms Venrock Associates and U.S. Venture Partners, as well as GE Commercial Finance, NBC Universal, Inc., and Time Warner Investments.

About Gamers Media

Gamers Media ( located in the greater New York area, is a leading premium content channel, leveraging the continued fragmentation of the Internet as the first vertical ad network for casual game sites. Gamers Media reaches nearly 20 million unique visitors across its 40+ properties, which represents roughly 19% of the US casual games market.

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