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September 15, 2010 01:59 ET

Formula to Ideal Body Not Found in Fad Diets

Slim and Fit AZ Prescribes Sustainable Weight Loss Solutions

SCOTTSDALE, AZ--(Marketwire - September 15, 2010) -  It's pretty amazing to think about the lengths people will go to in search of the easiest way to lose weight: no-carb diets, one-food diets (cabbage soup, anyone?), HCG hormone injections, detoxifying cleanses and, of course, surgery. But when it comes down to pure science and math, the weight-loss equation is simple: burn more calories than you take in. So why doesn't everyone simply eat less and move more?

"People are attracted to the promise of a quick fix," says Cathy Lombardo, who co-owns Slim & Fit weight loss and fitness center in Scottsdale, Ariz., with her husband, Chris. "They don't want to take the time to learn proper eating habits or effectively exercising their bodies. But losing 30 to 40 pounds a month, as some of these fad weight-loss plans promise, is just plain unhealthy. It goes against everything a doctor would advise."

The problem with these fad diets, Lombardo explains, is that they are not sustainable. Because fad diets don't retrain a person's brain or change habits, they often gain all the weight back -- and then some! -- as soon as they begin eating poorly again. But weight-loss plans such as Slim & Fit, which combines sensible nutrition with exercising, are perfect for people who want an easy way to lose weight the healthy way.

The Slim & Fit plan is made up of a weight-loss system -- the 4-2 Slim Plan, which was scientifically designed by licensed registered dietitians and physicians -- and the Fusion Workout -- created by Jaime Brenkus, creator of the ":08 Min Abs" exercise DVDs. Clients eat six meals a day: four delicious prepackaged Slim Meals plus two portion-controlled meals of their choice. The result? A variety of foods that please the taste buds, meet the body's nutritional requirements and take no time to prepare.

"Our goal is to get clients back to eating their own foods so that they are not dependent on us for the rest of their lives," says Lombardo. "We teach clients portion control through the use of the patented Slim Plate, a weight-loss tool that eliminates the need for calorie-counting. This tool can be used for the rest of a client's life to help maintain their results."

Speaking of results, Lombardo says clients who follow both the food and fitness parts of the Slim & Fit system simultaneously can lose up to 10 pounds in four weeks, guaranteed.

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