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June 09, 2015 08:15 ET

Fort Hill Launches 70-20™ -- A New Cloud-Based Tool to Activate Informal and Social Workplace Learning

WILMINGTON, DE--(Marketwired - Jun 9, 2015) - Fort Hill Company, a firm specializing in learning transfer solutions for corporations and executive education providers, today announced the launch of 70-20, a new user-centered learning activation tool. 70-20 is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) web application designed for use with any connected mobile or desktop device. Developed in collaboration with its partner Affero Lab, 70-20 leverages the ubiquitous presence of mobile and social technologies in the lives of today's workforce to activate learning on the job and drive more productive outcomes for both individuals and organizations. 

70:20:10 is a frequently referenced model which describes how people learn in organizational settings. Approximately 10% of workplace learning happens in formal training programs and structured experiences. The balance happens in more informal and social settings - either through on-the-job experiences (70%) or via relationships in or outside the workplace (20%). While this framework is accepted by most learning and development organizations, learning leaders still struggle to help employees and managers apply what they learn in formal training back on the job, especially younger millennials who now make up an increasing share of today's workforce. As a result, skill development often lags and the full business value of many training initiatives is never realized. 

"Learning leaders today are tasked with making their offerings more relevant to employees who aren't accustomed to, or interested in waiting for formal training programs to acquire and apply new skills," said Teresa Roche, former chief learning officer of Agilent Technologies. "Rather, this group expects and responds better to the immediate feedback and experience when learning is a part of work rather than apart from work. Their everyday tech and mobile driven environment heightens this expectation. While this trend challenges traditional learning models and modes, it also opens up a whole new set of opportunities to accelerate skill development by harnessing the power of the learning side of work."

Fort Hill's 70-20 web application focuses on the informal and social side of learning - helping people at all levels apply newly learned skills while they work and share progress with their colleagues. Users can create personal learning challenges at any time, work on formal challenges assigned during a training program or accept development challenges from their manager or team leader -- all from their mobile phone, tablet or desktop. The app facilitates the sharing of real-time updates on actions and insights in the form of text, pictures, video and web links to get feedback and ideas from colleagues or managers. Improved performance can also be measured and tracked by a user's manager or coach.

70-20 ignites learning and performance improvement on the job in several ways:

  • Workplace learning activation - The web app provides an engaging experience for both employees and managers/coaches to spark the application of new skills, behaviors and knowledge in everyday work situations.
  • Anytime, anywhere interaction - Users get easy access to 70-20 from any connected smart device -- phone, tablet, laptop or PC. This enables users to act on learning opportunities and track their progress in real time with the technologies they use every day.
  • Collaborative multi-media storytelling - 70-20 enables users to turn their development into a highly creative and dynamic social experience by sharing evidence of personal progress, posting visual examples and inviting feedback from colleagues.
  • Social learning made easy - Users remain connected with people who share the same learning challenges or support each other as coaches, leveraging the energy and ideas of the group.
  • Visual, verifiable progress - 70-20 tracks and highlights progress on learning challenges for users from start to finish. Leaders can monitor performance improvement along the way on a built-in dashboard for the challenges they create.
  • Data analytics - As an organization uses 70-20, learning and business leaders can access valuable metrics on performance improvement and learning outcomes at a group and individual level.
  • SaaS-based model - Because 70-20 is a SaaS product, organizations can deploy it quickly and seamlessly. The client does not need to install any software on their IT systems.

"There is a serious gap right now in professional skill development for most organizations," said Kathy Granger, president of Fort Hill Company. "The primary focus remains on learning compliance and control when it should be on activating employee development by facilitating learning curiosity and creativity. It's a huge opportunity for companies to truly differentiate themselves and their organizations. 70-20 fills this gap by enabling employees to tap into the rich opportunities created by mobile and social technologies to put their learning and development into action any time and any place."

To learn more about 70-20 and to sign up for a free trial version, visit

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