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December 04, 2011 10:00 ET

Fort Worth Auto Injury Help Announced at Back to Health Family Chiropractic

FORT WORTH, TX--(Marketwire - Dec 4, 2011) - Back to Health Family Chiropractic in Fort Worth, TX has announced that auto accident patients receive a special focus in their practice. Back to Health Family Chiropractic offers chiropractic care for conditions including Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, allergies, asthma, ear infections, fibromyalgia, headache and migraine pain, frozen shoulder, arthritis, stress, slipped disc, scoliosis, spinal stenosis, and many other conditions that are frequently related to auto injuries.

According to Dr. Chris Michlin, the chiropractor at Back to Health Family Chiropractic, the practice and its website will now reflect the increased focus on treating auto accident patients: "Since we have dedicated ourselves to helping auto injury patients through the healing process as quickly as possible, we wanted to make sure that our current clients and our potential new clients know about all the healing help we have to offer here!"

The Fort Worth auto injury treatments offered at Back to Health Family Chiropractic vary according to patient. Each new patient at Back to Health Family Chiropractic will meet with the chiropractor for an initial consultation, during which the auto accident will be discussed and the patient can tell the chiropractor about the exact nature of the pain resulting from the accident impact. Examination of the patient, including any needed x-rays, will follow in order to gain a comprehensive assessment of the specific injuries caused by the motor vehicle accident.

Neck pain, back pain, migraine headaches, shoulder problems, and numbness or tingling in the hands or feet are some of the most common problems for which patients are treated, said Nancy Michlin co-owner of the chiropractic clinic. Such symptoms are sometimes grouped together under the term "whiplash." Whiplash is defined as a soft tissue injury -- one that does not result in broken bones but rather in damage to the soft tissue in the body. A whiplash injury can affect neck discs, back discs, muscle tissue, and the connective tissues for the spinal column.

According to Nancy Michlin, treatments for Fort Worth auto injuries may include the Atlas Orthogonal Adjusting technique. The Atlas vertebrae, the uppermost cervical vertebrae responsible for head support, is often moved out of place during an auto accident impact, and the Atlas Orthogonal Adjusting Instrument is used to move the Atlas vertebrae back into proper position. Dr. Michlin adds, "There are a number of case studies being conducted which show the type of chronic pain and damage that can be caused in a whiplash injury. It is imperative to understand the upper cervical region of the spine and how best to approach it for care. The Atlas Orthogonal adjustments are critical in the healing process of whiplash injuries."

Dr. Michlin provides full spinal adjustments for patients who have suffered a spine injury during an accident. The process of healing may take a few visits or may require regular corrections until the spine is returned to its proper position.

Dr. Michlin stated that Cox Flexion Distraction method, a form of spinal decompression, is also used for treating auto accident victims who have compressed discs in the low back area. Spinal decompression uses low-grade stretching to separate compressed discs and allows the spine to revert to its proper shape, thus freeing the compressed discs. Additionally, according to the Fort Worth chiropractor, Myofascial Release may be used for patients who have suffered from decreased range of motion due to an auto accident. This neuromuscular re-education technique, performed by Dr. Michlin, uses a percussive instrument applied to key points in the back to help the muscles heal and relax thus bringing pain relief.

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