SOURCE: Litsey Animal Hospital

September 07, 2011 07:00 ET

Fort Worth Veterinary Clinic Launches Redesigned Animal Hospital Website

FORT WORTH, TX--(Marketwire - Sep 7, 2011) - The Litsey Animal Hospital has redesigned its website,, adding a number of new features that the veterinarian hopes will give pet owners more information to help them help their pets. The redesigned site features first aid information, a video newsroom library with clips covering numerous pet health topics, online patient forms, as well as grooming and boarding information. The website,, also features an extensive list of pet-friendly restaurants, hotels and attractions in and around Fort Worth.

"Pets are family," explains Dr. Terry Litsey, head veterinarian at the Fort Worth veterinary hospital. "People go online all the time to learn about human health issues so they can discuss those things with their doctors, and it's the same for pet owners. Our redesigned animal vet clinic website makes it easier for our patients' families to access information at their convenience." The "Vetopedia" section, for example, contains a glossary of veterinary terms, while the "We Help Your Pet With" section and the "Video Newsroom" area contain articles and video clips about a wide variety of animal health topics.

Dr. Litsey believes that the website will be a practical and efficient way to help pet owners stay in contact with the animal vet clinic. "Our 'New Patient Center' area gives pet owners the forms they need to fill out for appointments, and even enables them to set an appointment with us online. The best part about having the forms filled out before coming into the office is that we have more time to focus on the pet rather than juggling paperwork, and that's important to me as a veterinarian."

The veterinary clinic also serves as an emergency pet hospital that is open 7 days a week, and the website also has a pet first-aid page that can help pet owners know how to avoid emergencies, or how to handle emergencies quickly to save their pets until they can get to the veterinary hospital for help. The website also features pages that are specific to the clinic itself, such as information about their pet boarding and dog grooming services. For instance, pet owners can view the veterinary hospital dog boarding policies beforehand so owners know what to expect and how to prepare their dogs for a stay. All of this information is now available on the website.

The Litsey Animal Hospital website also includes a new "Member Topics" area for pet owners who sign up for it. Members can then access the animal vet clinic newsletter, special surveys, a members-only wellness program, and special content geared toward children and their pets. Dr. Terry Litsey reiterates, "Clearly, well-informed pet owners have the highest quality of life together with their pets. We hope the new features and information on our website will help all of our pets and their families get the most out of their visits with us."

More information about the animal hospital, the staff, and their services is available on the website,

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