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August 17, 2015 06:30 ET

Fortress Environmental Holdings Company Eyes Oilfield Expansion Plans for New Saltwater Disposal Wells, Truck Washes, Frac Tank Washouts, Fresh Water Depots and Mud Farms for Eagle Ford Shale

Depressed Oil Prices May Have Idled $18 Billion Worth of Exploration Rigs, but Eagle Ford Shale Play Continues to Hit Record Levels of Oil and Gas Production, Which Is Great for the Saltwater Disposal Industry

HOUSTON, TX--(Marketwired - Aug 17, 2015) - A growing Eagle Ford Shale oilfield services company, Fortress Environmental Services (, is pouring a solid foundation in Waelder, Texas, and has plans to earn more and more revenue, not by drilling for oil and gas, but by delivering large-scale corporate saltwater disposal supercenters that deliver a diversified portfolio of environmentally friendly water and mud management solutions.

Environmental Mission
Based on a mission statement that strives to protect local drinking water resources with superior drilling techniques such as top-to-bottom triple cemented drilling casings, Fortress provides a professional saltwater disposal (SWD) supercenter that is designed to deliver a very environmentally friendly operation.

Building Fortress SWD Supercenters
The first Fortress SWD Supercenter that was opened in Waelder, Texas, cost approximately $10 million to finance, build and operate and it is currently planning to roll out at least nine more sites over the next three to five years. The Fortress supercenters provide a one-stop shop for saltwater disposal, exterior truck washes, tanker wash outs, frac tank wash outs, mud farms and fresh water depots.

Instead of requiring truckers to drive to six different vendor sites for various SWD services, Fortress saves drilling operators and truck fleets a significant amount of money by reducing drive times, fuel costs, truck maintenance and by streamlining operations to reduce the number of billing vendors to one single turnkey solution provider.

Location, Location, Location
"We selected the Waelder, Texas location due to its close proximity to I-10, a major east/west artery for national trucking companies, and its close proximity to one of the most promising areas of the Eagle Ford Shale in Gonzales County," said Mike Parsons, Fortress Services Holdings' President/CEO. "Approximately 50+ drilling operators have drilled more than 4,100 wells on1,680 stage-one, 640-acre oil leases and large scale plans were in the process to begin drilling stage-two 80-acre Proven Undeveloped Wells when the price of oil dropped under $50 per barrel."

A Diversified SWD Service Portfolio
Regardless of current oil prices, due to Fortress Environmental's portfolio of 130-barrel tanker saltwater disposals, tractor-trailer truck washes, tanker-trailer washouts, frac tank washouts, and fresh water depot fill-ups, the company is in a much better position to give trucking companies a great deal on services. In fact, Fortress highly recommends that trucking companies and drilling operators take five minutes to call the Fortress dispatch office at (830) 788-7602 to see if they can get a better price than the competition is offering.

In addition to its mainstream revenue streams, Fortress' Waelder SWD supercenter is also in the process of researching, evaluating and rolling out new oilfield services such as mud farm and water recycling technologies.

The Need for SWD Supercenter Expansion
"After opening our Gonzales facility, we began receiving lots of requests to build a facility in Dimmitt County, where stage-two drilling operations were operating at full capacity," Parsons continued. "Compared to the Gonzales County numbers, Dimmit County also has more than 50 operators, but they have drilled 8,100 wells on 1,600 hundred leases. Each well produces about three 130-BBL tanker's worth of produced saltwater per day, so it's easy to see why customers in Dimmit really need an SWD supercenter like the one we built in Gonzales, but right now there are only Mom & Pop operators, which aren't really engineered for large-scale saltwater disposal operations."

The Growth Potential for Saltwater Disposal
"Many investors, journalists and industry analysts track the number barrels of oil and gas that the Eagle Ford Shale produces, but what most people outside the industry don't realize is that for every barrel of oil that an average oil well produces there are an additional ten barrels of processed saltwater that needs to be filtered and then returned back to where it came from," said Jim Casparie, Fortress' Director of Business Development. "Providing safe, efficient saltwater disposal facilities and the associated truck washes, frac tank washes and tanker wash out services for the Eagle Ford Shale can be a lucrative, but somewhat under-publicized cash cow business model when oil prices are at an attractive level."

Saltwater Disposal Investments
Unlike oil and gas exploration and production investments, locating and drilling into deep underground salt caverns to setup saltwater disposal wells and then providing all of the ancillary truck wash, tanker trailer washouts, frac tank wash outs and fresh water depot fill-ups is a fairly a straight forward business model. More information on Fortress Environmental's business goals/objectives can be found at

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