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September 14, 2015 06:30 ET

Fortress Exploring Equity Crowdfunding Platforms to Raise Capital for Eagle Ford Shale Oilfield Service Projects Including Saltwater Disposal, Mud Farms, Truck/Tanker Washes and Frac Tank Washouts

The Firm's Team Is Now Weighing the Pros/Cons of Utilizing the New Crowdfunding Platforms in Connection With the Texas Intrastate Crowdfunding Exemption, Rule 506 (c), Reg. CE and/or Tiers 1 & 2 of Reg. A+ to Raise Up to $50 Million

DALLAS, TX--(Marketwired - Sep 14, 2015) - Fortress Environmental Holdings ( announced that the oilfield services company currently is contemplating using a new financial investment capital fundraising tool called equity crowdfunding to reach oil and gas investors to assist with its future private equity fundraising campaigns to fund its planned build out of a portfolio of saltwater disposal supercenters that will be built throughout the Eagle Ford Shale in Texas.

Recent SEC rule changes now allow Exploration and Production (E&P) energy companies to raise private equity funding by building online crowdfunding profiles that market executive summaries, pitch videos, offering documents and other types of financial disclosure documentation that prospective investors can use to shop and invest on a 24x7 basis.

Another useful SEC rule change lifts the eighty-year ban on general solicitation. Not only can an equity crowdfunding portal sell securities online, but now private equity issuers can now legally use advertising, email marketing, public relations, social media and other types of marketing campaigns to promote their investment opportunities to prospective oil and gas investors.

Fortress is considering using equity-based crowdfunding sites to raise money for their portfolio of saltwater disposal supercenters that provide a one-stop shop for oil and gas drilling operators.

"We believe that this form of capital raise will be especially appealing to those who recognize that Fortress employs the latest in environmentally friendly methods to enhance our services," said Elliot Reiff, CFO of Fortress Environmental Holdings. "Fortress already has a strong base of private investors and we think this direction is a natural for us."

"What most people don't realize is that the Eagle Ford Shale's oil and gas reserves are mixed with billions of barrels of saltwater left over from ancient sea beds that have to be pumped out along with the oil and gas," said Mike Parsons, Fortress Environmental Holdings' President and CEO. "To help put these numbers in perspective, an average oil well produces ten barrels of oily saltwater for every barrel of oil that is collected, which needs to be filtered and returned back to its origin."

Parsons added that, "Hydraulic fracking produces a significant amount of oil-based and water-based mud, which is used to cool drilling bits during the drilling process and to convey earth and rock cuttings back to the top of the well. Like produced saltwater, mud and cuttings need to be cleaned and recycled. And right now the Eagle Ford Shale is in short supply of mud farms."

"Working with oil, mud and saltwater is a messy business, but someone has to clean it up in an environmentally friendly way," stated Jim Casparie, Director of Investor Relations. "At Fortress, we are developing the most advanced technologies needed to recycle and/or dispose of both this produced saltwater and the drilling mud."

"Once the liquids and solids are off-loaded, we provide state-of-the-art wash racks that are engineered to clean and wash off heavy duty dirt moving equipment, saltwater tankers and frac storage tanks on a regular basis in order to keep them all clean and in good working condition."

In Gonzales County, there are 59 drilling operators working 4,127 drilled wells on 553 oil leases that are producing around 3.1 million barrels of oil and ~31 million barrels of produced saltwater per month.

In Dimmit County, there are 54 drilling operators working 8,178 drilled wells on 1,689 oil leases that are producing around 2.1 million barrels of oil and ~21 million barrels of produced saltwater per month.

To meet the demand for this volume of cleanup and disposal services, Fortress is building their environmentally-friendly Salt Water Disposal (SWD) Supercenters throughout the Eagle Ford Shale, which provide every service that an oilfield service company will need from a single local location. This streamlined approach saves trucking companies thousands of dollars per truckload by reducing driving time, man-hours, fuel consumption, truck maintenance costs and a simplified, single source billing process.

Armed with a superior management team with hundreds of years of combined oilfield service experience and a solid 20-year track record of building and selling saltwater disposal corporations, the company is now pondering the best way to expand the marketing of their capital opportunities so they can reach both accredited and/or non-accredited investors using the new Reg. CE, Rule 506(c) and/or Reg. A+ crowdfunding rules.

Fortress is analyzing vertical business-to-business, oil & gas energy crowdfunding platforms such as,, as well as larger, more mainstream equity crowdfunding platforms such as,,, or

Fortress is interested in speaking with equity crowdfunding platforms to learn specifically what type of investor relations services their platform can provide and the extent of their active network of accredited investors and/or investment syndicates that Fortress can leverage to fund its list of planned oil, gas and saltwater disposal investment opportunities.

To prepare for its upcoming equity crowdfunding campaign, Fortress has been working diligently via social media, public relations and its website to enter as many accredited investors and non-accredited investors into its database as possible.

Fortress seeks to establish a substantive relationship with investors so that Fortress may offer future investment opportunities to those with whom it has established a substantive relationship. Fortress will establish this substantive relationship through on-line and personal communications and interactions with potential investors. Through these contacts, Fortress will be able to evaluate the prospective investor's sophistication, financial circumstances and ability to understand the nature and risks of the investment opportunities to be offered.

Fortress will not present any investment opportunity to an Investor until Fortress has established a substantive relations with the investor. Those individuals who would like to establish a substantive relationship with Fortress and who would like to be notified via email about future equity crowdfunding investment campaigns once the substantive relationship has been established will be able to sign up via a to-be-determined crowdfunding portal. Please call (800) 392-6850 for more information.

Disclaimer: The statements in this press release are not an offer of securities nor a solicitation of an offer to buy securities. Offering of securities will only be made through an offering memorandum designed specifically for a particular offering. No money or commitments will be accepted. No offerings in blind pools will be made.

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