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January 12, 2011 08:00 ET

Fortune Korea Announces "The Most Powerful Business Leaders in Korea 2011"

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA--(Marketwire - January 12, 2011) - Fortune Korea announced 40 of 'The Most Powerful Business Leaders in Korea 2011,' including Yoon-Dae Euh from KB Financial Group, Inc.

The president of Fortune Korea and Han-Kook Ilbo, Jong-Sung Lee, celebrated the 40 winners of the award on December 23, 2010 at Hilton Hotel in Seoul. He said, "The CEOs in the private sector were the most vital people for Korea's economic growth during the global recession, and 40 CEOs of this award especially proved in their leadership that active pioneer spirit and vigorous challenge against obstacles can turn hard times into opportunities." 

The ceremony was accompanied by 300 leaders of various other institutions, including Ki-Soo Lee, the chancellor of Korea University, and Sang-Dae Lee, the president of Korea Press Culture Institute.

Along with the announcement, Fortune Korea also published its latest book, "Great CEO, Great Challenge," sharing the stories behind the success of these 40 CEOs and their companies.

The following are the recipients of 'The Most powerful business leaders in Korea 2011.'

  • MIRAE ASSET SECURITIES Co., Ltd. (KOSPI 037620) (Hyun-Man Choi)
  • Mr. PIZZA, Inc. (KOSDAQ 065150) (Woo-Hyun Jung)
  • BUSAN BANK Co., Ltd. (KOSPI 005280) (Jang- Ho Lee)
  • BC CARD Co., Ltd. (Hyuong-Duck Jang)
  • SAMJONG KPMG, Inc. (Young-Gak Yun)
  • SSANGBANGWOOL&TRYGROUP, Inc. (KOSPI 102280) (Je- Sung Choi)
  • ASIANA AIRLINES, Inc. (KOSPI 020560) (Young-Doo Yoon)
  • SFA Engineering Corp. (KOSDAQ 056190) (Jin Won)
  • STX Business Group. (KOSPI 011810) (Duk-Soo Kang)
  • NH INVESTMENT & SECURITIES Co., Ltd. (KOSPI 016420) (Hoi-Dong Jung)
  • LIG Non-life Insurance Co., Ltd. (KOSPI 002550) (Ja-Joon Koo)
  • LG Electronics Co., Ltd. (KOSPI 066570) (Jeong-Hwan Lee)
  • Oriental Brewery Co., Ltd. (Nathan, Yi)
  • OLYMPUSKOREA Co., Ltd. (IL-Seok Bang)
  • WooriFinance Holdings Co., Ltd. (Pal-Seung Lee)
  • Woongjin Coway Co., Ltd. (KOSPI 021240) (Joon-Kee Hong)
  • GS Engineering & Construction Corp. (KOSPI 006360) (Myung-Soo Huh)
  • KB Financial Group, Inc. (KOSPI 105560) (Yoon-Dae Euh)
  • POSCO (KOSPI 005490) (Jun-Yang Jung)
  • HANSAE YES24 HOLDINGS Co., Ltd. (KOSPI 016450) (Dng-Nyung Kim)
  • HYUNDAI ELEVATOR Co. Ltd. (KOSPI 017800) (Jin-Chul Song)
  • FILA KOREA Ltd.( KOSPI 081660) (Yoon-Soo Yoon)
  • GLAMI Co., Ltd. (Jong-Hyun Nam)
  • VGX International, Inc. (Byong-Jin Kim)
  • BT&I., Inc. (KOSDAQ 048550) (Kyoung-Ae Song)
  • SAMKOO, Inc. (Byong-Jin Kim)
  • SHINYOUNG Technology Co., Ltd. (Doo-Young Choi)
  • ATLASBX Co., Ltd. (KOSDAQ 023890) (Jong-Chul Lee)
  • Moon Development & Marketing Co., Ltd. (Joo-Hyun Moon)
  • Auroraworld Corp. (Heui-Yul Noh)
  • ORIENT BIO, Inc.( KOSPI 002630) (Jae-Jin Chang)
  • Online tour Co., Ltd. (Hye-Won Park)
  • YUYANG D&U Co., Ltd. (KOSPI 011690) (Sang-Ok Kim)
  • Korea Medical Devices Industry Association. (Dai-Young Yoon)
  • JANGSOO Industry Co., Ltd. (Chang-Hwan Choi)
  • JOINT YOOCHANG Thermal Systems Co., Ltd. (Chang-Yop Ahn)
  • GYMWORLD Co. Ltd. (Kee-Young Park)
  • DURIWILL, Co., Ltd. (Sang-Doo Park)

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