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December 03, 2015 08:47 ET

ForTunique Announces Brand Expansion in American Market

Company's Natural Spray-On Skin Care Products Coming to Larger Customer Base

BOCA RATON, FL--(Marketwired - December 03, 2015) - ForTunique, a company dedicated to producing and delivering the best possible skin care and health care products for customers across the globe, announced it is expanding its brand presence in the American market.

The company develops skin care products for a variety of age ranges, including products geared specifically toward small children as well as products for professionals and adults. The company is known for its unique patented Derma Pump Spray-On technology, which helps it to deliver better skin care results for all customers.

"We are pleased to announce the expansion of our marketing efforts in the United States," said Christian Kerkhof, Marketing & Sales Director of ForTunique. "We are completely committed to providing innovative skin care solutions to address common skin needs of people of all ages. Now we have the opportunity to better tap into the world's largest market for these types of products and to reach out to more people than ever before to provide them with the relief they need."

ForTunique's Pump Spray-On technology used in its creams offers customers with greater convenience, hygiene and results. All it takes is a couple pumps without having to dip your dirty fingers into a jar. Best of all, the way the cream is sprayed on to the body allows you to avoid having to deal with an oily, fatty residue on top of your skin. All of ForTunique's creams are made without the use of harmful preservatives, coloring agents, parabens, alcohol and allergens, instead using only ingredients that are natural and will not negatively affect the skin.

Two of the company's main product lines are ForteCare Childcare and ForteCare Adult. The Childcare creams allow moms to pamper their baby with a high-quality product that treats and prevents diaper rash while still allowing moms to give them proper care and stay in constant contact with their baby. The Adult creams are particularly useful for people who care about the quality of products they use on their skin to help them keep a youthful, healthy appearance.

"We can't wait to reach out to more customers to help them address all of their skin care needs," said Christian Kerkhof. "This is a tremendous opportunity for us as a company to increase our scope and make a name for ourselves here in the United States."

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