Forum National Investments Ltd.

June 12, 2012 08:30 ET

Forum Announces the Launch of its Canadian Financial Product: "A $9,000,000 USD Convertible Securitized Life Settlement Backed Bond"

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - June 12, 2012) - Forum National Investments Ltd. (OTCBB:FMNL) ("FORUM") announced today that it plans to commence the sale of the Company's Canadian Financial bond offering securitized by senior US life settlements, "an industry first". The product debut will take place at the Westin Bayshore Hotel and Resort at 1PM and 7PM, Thursday, June 16, 2012, Vancouver B.C.

This financial product is targeted for those retail investors seeking an uncorrelated alternative investment opportunity. Life Settlements are not correlated to stock market fluctuations or economic downturns. Forum will utilize Life Settlements as the back bone for the securitization and the trigger for performance of the Bond. The bonds performance is directly tied to one factor only, the maturity and payment of the death benefit of the life Insurance policy that secures the investment. The life insurance policies securing each bond issuance provide exposer to two lives with the average age of the insured's at the time of issuance being eighty years of age or older. In the case of this first bond issuance the insureds are 83 and 85 years of age. The first bond offering is for $9,000,000 USD in death benefits and will be marketed at an initial 85% discount to face value. Additionally the investor will be responsible for their pro rata share of the ongoing annual insurance premium costs until maturity.

"The use of insurance policies underwritten by a minimum of AA rated insurance company to provide the underlying security for a retail bond has always been an interesting concept and now is a reality for investors," stated Dan Clozza, CEO of Forum National Investments Ltd. "Given the economic uncertainty in Europe and around the world coupled with the low or negative returns from traditional investments, this type of financial product at this time is anticipated to be well received." The product is denominated in USD and expected to provide an above average return as well as a potential hedge against the currently appreciating USD. Investors will also have the option to convert any amount of initial contributed capital and ongoing insurance premium costs at any time to common shares of the Company at a currently stated 10% discount to market based on a weighted five day average market trading price of the securities. Additionally upon maturity the investor will also have the same conversion option.

We believe that this product offering removes all of the pitfalls and barriers to investing in this asset class. A typical Life Settlement investment offer returns of high single digits annualized with mid teen returns a very real possibility. Windfall profits can occur upon an early maturity as they did in 2008 for Forum, who had purchased a $5,000,000 USD Life Insurance policy on a 78 year old insured estimated to live approximately eight years but died suddenly after only nine months of the company owning the policy.

It is impossible to accurately determine the exact return on any one individual life.

Aliya Lifespan COO Robert Benson stated that, "We wish Forum great success with their Canadian product Launch."

About FORUM:

Forum National Investments Ltd. ( is a publicly held company currently trading on the OTCBB since 1998 under the symbol FMNL. The company's Life Settlement operations in the United States are conducted through its wholly owned subsidiary, The American Life Settlements (ALSS)

About ALIYA LifeSpan:

Aliya LifeSpan™, LLC is a broad based financial asset management firm who specializes in Life Settlements and Life Settlement structured financial products. Aliya LifeSpan™ specializes in utilizing senior life insurance settlement policies, or more commonly known as "Life Settlements", as the asset basis for a variety of investment strategies, which we believe avoids many of the pitfalls of traditional investment classes. Life Settlements are an anomaly in today's investment environment. Life Settlements are not tied to any traded market such as stocks, bonds, foreign currency, or any political, economic or real estate calamity. We have created products for both individuals and institutions by leveraging the unique elements found in Life Settlements which ultimately eliminates many of the potential shortcomings of many other investment classes. Aliya LifeSpan™.


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