SOURCE: Philanthropist Stephen Tsingas

Philanthropist Stephen Tsingas

October 14, 2014 21:46 ET

Founder K. Stephen Tsingas of City Power Marketing LLC to Attend Platts Nodal Trader Conference

FT. LAUDERDALE, FL--(Marketwired - Oct 14, 2014) - Electrical power markets are complex and consist of many stakeholders including utilities, independent power plant owners, energy traders, investors, independent system operators and regulators. In decades past there were only utilities and regulators and the markets were closed. There was no competition and all costs were simply passed on to consumers. Over the last few decades most power markets were deregulated to include power traders, independent power producers, load serving entities and independent system operators. The deregulation added liquidity to the marketplace and the consumers were the ultimate winners. Platts, founded in 1909, is a leading global provider of energy, petrochemicals, metals and agriculture information, and a premier source of benchmark price assessments for those commodity markets. Platts Nodal Trader Conference is now in its 7th year and is a premium event for nodal power traders like City Power Marketing, LLC. Representatives from power trading companies, utilities, investors, regulators, industry service providers as well as representatives from ISO's and RTO's will gather at the Crown Plaza in Times Square, New York City, for this informative two-day conference. 

The conference is sponsored by leading service providers to the industry such as Nodal Exchange, Yes Energy, WSI and ICE to name a few. Leading the conference will be William Hogan of Harvard University, speaking on the Opportunities and Challenges for Traders in the Current Nodal Market. Other informative discussions will cover risk hedging versus manipulation, CAISO's energy imbalance markets, and how coal reduction, natural gas and renewable growth is impacting hedging perspectives. This year's conference will include a discussion of FERC enforcement and their expanded view of market manipulation. 

Other topics include market updates from various ISO's including PJM, MISO, CAISO, ERCOT, SPP and ISO-NE. The conference is an attractive event for a wide range of energy executives from around the nation looking to gain perspectives on the current state of Nodal trading. One leading executive looking forward to the information that will be presented is the founder and CEO of City Power Marketing, LLC, K. Stephen Tsingas. Tsingas has extensive experience in the power industry, and is one of the founders of the Financial Marketers Coalition. He will be taking note of the current updates in the industry that will be introduced to visitors of the conference, along with their predicted impact on the electrical power commodities marketplace. Mr. Tsingas also plans to participate in open discussions sharing some of his power industry expertise spanning the last 3 decades.

K. Stephen Tsingas has a B.S. Degree in Mechanical Engineering, as well as an MBA from the University of Maryland. Before starting City Power Marketing, LLC, Tsingas worked as a field engineer for NETZSCH Inc., gaining experience by visiting numerous businesses all over the U.S. During his employment as a Power Plant Engineer for Atlantic City Electric Company, he realized that he had an aptitude for profitability by increasing revenues or reducing costs. After rising through the ranks as a power trader for Conectiv Energy, he decided to start his own power trading and marketing company, City Power Marketing, LLC in 2005. Through perseverance and many long hours, his endeavors paid off and today he is an international leader in the nodal power trading field.

K. Stephen Tsingas lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with his wife and two children. After working long and hard to become a leader in the power commodities field, and launching his own company, City Power Marketing, LLC, he is thoroughly enjoying family life in the warm climate of the southern U.S. He spends most of his weekends outdoors, boating, kayaking, or simply relaxing with his family. He has also become a fierce philanthropist, giving back to the community through various causes. Recently, he spent hundreds of hours helping to build a community center in the Northeast. A strong proponent of green power, he was one of the first proud owners of an electric vehicle, indulging in his passion for innovative cars while doing his part for the environment.

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