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May 06, 2014 08:51 ET

Four Faces of Digital Freedom and How F-Secure Is Helping Fight for Them

David Hasselhoff and F-Secure's Mikko Hypponen Kick Off a Crusade for Digital Freedom and Open a Crowdsourced Manifesto Today in Berlin

SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwired - May 6, 2014) - Digital privacy is under attack. But now there's something every concerned person can do about it -- with the help of none other than F-Secure's Mikko Hyppönen and F-Secure Freedome ambassador David Hasselhoff. The two will be kicking off a digital freedom movement today at the re:publica technology conference in Berlin. The campaign's first event is a crowdsourced manifesto on digital freedom, which everyone interested in digital privacy is invited to help write.

The goal of the movement is to raise awareness of digital freedom and its fragile state in today's society. Digital freedoms are declining around the world, a fact spotlighted by the Snowden revelations. The campaign will drive upcoming privacy-related events and will introduce a foundation for digital freedom that will partner with other privacy-conscious organizations. The movement and its manifesto will address four faces of digital freedom:

1. Freedom from mass surveillance
The two great innovations of our time, the mobile phone and the Internet, have been turned into surveillance tools to be used against us. And the problem with programs like PRISM is that they aren't just about doing surveillance on people suspected of crimes. They're also about spying on people governments know are innocent.

2. Freedom from digital persecution
You may think you have nothing to hide now, but how do you know how things will change over time? It's now cheaper to retain data forever than to destroy it. So what happens when some aspect of your online activity today is used against you in the future? No law-abiding citizen should live with that fear.

3. Freedom from digital colonization
Technologies are fundamentally changing our world at a staggering speed. But just because something is technically possible doesn't mean that we should have to blindly accept it into our lives.

4. Freedom of digital access, movement and speech
What we say and write in private should be of no interest to any governmental organization and we should fight for the freedom of access to platforms, movement and freedom of speech.

Looking for freedom

"We are dealing with complex issues no generation before has had to deal with," said Hyppönen, F-Secure's chief research officer and a renowned security and privacy expert. "If you use the Internet or its services at all, you're being tracked by governments and corporations, and your data is being collected. What is digital privacy? What rights should we have? What kind of world do we want to live in? Those are the questions we want to boldly confront and answer, starting with the manifesto."

Hyppönen is outspoken on digital privacy. He made strong anti-surveillance statements both in his October TED talk and when he pulled out of the RSA conference held earlier this year. Hasselhoff is the ambassador for Freedome, F-Secure's new online privacy and security VPN solution. A hero for freedom and justice in the '80's, when freedom was mainly a physical issue, Hasselhoff is back to fight for freedom in the digital world.

Make your voice heard

The #digitalfreedom manifesto, which will be licensed under creative commons, is a chance for everyone interested in digital freedom and privacy to contribute their thoughts, concerns, and opinions. It will be used as a statement to advance digital freedom in the world.

The manifesto will be open for your contributions at after Hyppönen and Hasselhoff's keynote, which is at 4:15pm Berlin time today. No contribution is too small -- even if it's just a sentence. Make your voice heard in the fight for digital freedom. Join the movement.

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