National Research Council Canada-NRC

National Research Council Canada-NRC

December 04, 2013 12:19 ET

Four New NRC Research Programs to Help Canadian Construction Firms Develop, Validate and Commercialize Innovative Technologies

Building on the needs of the construction industry

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Dec. 4, 2013) - To adapt to Canada's constantly changing construction landscape, industry is seeking safer, more energy-efficient and affordable construction materials and technologies, as well as more effective decision-making tools. In response, the National Research Council of Canada launched four new research programs to help the construction industry develop, validate and facilitate the market adoption of new products and systems.

"Canada is on track to become one of the largest urbanization markets in the world by 2020," said Dr. Morad Atif, General Manager of the Construction portfolio at the National Research Council, to manufacturers, builders, building owners and engineering firms at Construct Canada in Toronto. "At NRC, we provide an agile business environment and research and technology-based solutions to address the industry's specific needs for high performance buildings and infrastructure."

The new research programs will make it possible to extend the lifespan of Canada's 75,000 highway concrete bridges, construct economical and safe 5- to 12-storey wood buildings, and retrofit buildings such as offices, retail stores and schools to significantly reduce energy consumption.

The National Research Council plays a leading role in the development and deployment of building regulations and building product evaluations. One of the new programs will increase market access and intensify collaboration with provinces, territories and industry to facilitate the implementation of regulations resulting from the National Model Construction Codes.

Efforts are focused around client-driven research and development, and demonstration and validation projects. Clients and collaborators have access to multi-disciplinary technical expertise, product evaluation services and state-of-the-art national laboratories.

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Four new NRC research programs to help Canadian firms develop, validate, and commercialize innovative building products

Critical Concrete Infrastructure

The National Research Council will use its expertise in concrete infrastructure to help industry develop and validate performance materials and structural systems to extend the service life of bridges and reduce the life cycle operation and maintenance costs of both new and existing bridges. NRC will provide industry with strategic research, technical services, and large and full-scale demonstrations for high performance concrete and composite materials and reliable condition assessment technology.

Mid-Rise Wood Buildings

The National Research Council is partnering with construction product manufacturers and building owners to develop technologies in order to support an increasing demand for wood buildings between 5 and 12-storey in height. NRC will provide clients with technical solutions to create wood-based construction products with improved durability, fire safety, acoustic performance, cost-effectiveness, and speed of construction.

High Performance Buildings

The National Research Council will respond to market demand for high-performance energy-efficient buildings with research solutions spanning the development and validation of new products and systems, as well as monitoring in laboratories and real buildings. NRC will collaborate with industry clients on strategic projects and technical services relating to building envelope engineering, intelligent building environmental control, and interactive platforms to connect building energy systems with the Smart Grid interface.

Building Regulations for Market Access

The National Research Council will provide industry clients with evaluations, designs, and technical guides to help lower the cost, risk and time required to commercialize and demonstrate compliance of new building products and systems. NRC will use an improved, research-based approach to building code development to validate performance levels and assessment methods. These will help to resolve market barriers and increase sales of innovative products.

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