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July 15, 2014 08:00 ET

Four out of Ten US Consumers Have Suffered Loss of Mobile Device According to Research From Inhance Technology

US Users Less Likely to Lose Smartphone or Tablet in Bar or Night Club but More Likely at Home Than UK Counterparts; Commuting Is Highest Risk Area for Loss of a Mobile Device

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwired - Jul 15, 2014) - Four out of ten US consumers surveyed have suffered the loss of their mobile device according to new research from Inhance Technology, the global leader in device protection programs for the wireless retail, insurance and loyalty industries.

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Men (46%) are more likely to have had their smartphone or tablet lost, stolen or damaged beyond use compared to women (37%). 18-34 year olds are particularly vulnerable with 63% reporting loss, theft or damage.

"The findings highlight the importance of insurance and warranty programs from the consumer perspective," commented Paul Prendergast, CEO, Inhance Technology. "However, with such high levels of potential claims, it also emphasizes the importance for wireless retailers, carriers and insurance firms to have the most sophisticated technology in place to reduce claims and minimize fraud."

The Inhance Technology survey, which was conducted by iReach Insights, finds that 40% of US consumers are most likely to lose their mobile device while commuting compared to 46% in the UK. A quarter (25%) of US consumers are most likely to suffer loss of their mobile in a bar or night club compared to 36% in the UK.

"This may be due to the higher licensing age for alcohol consumption in the US rather than UK users being more prone to socializing," commented Paul Prendergast.

Another major difference is that US consumers (18%) are much more likely to lose their device at home compared to just 8% of respondents in the UK.

Inhance Technology, which operates its North American headquarters in Cambridge, MA, provides next generation mobile device protection programs to wireless retailers, carriers and insurance providers.

Inhance has over 70 patent applications filed in major markets with two already granted in the areas of device security and tracking, with a number of others due to be granted in the short-term.

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