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September 07, 2010 13:16 ET

Four Roads Announces New Calendar and Event Management Application to Extend Telligent Platform

Four Roads Offerings Allow Customers to Get More Out of Their Telligent Community Software

TAMPA, FLORIDA--(Marketwire - Sept. 7, 2010) - Four Roads, a technology consultancy and professional services firm, announced today the release of Chronos, a new calendar and event management application to extend the Telligent Evolution social platform.

Launched in 2007, Four Roads is dedicated to helping customers build a dynamic online presence through social media. With customers ranging from venture capital start-ups to large corporations, Four Roads delivers value on time and within budget.

Four Roads products work with Telligent Community, an external-facing community application built on the Telligent Evolution platform. When deployed with Telligent Community, Four Roads' applications give customers additional options for content management functionality, online social networking and calendar management. All three Four Roads tools integrate seamlessly into the Telligent platform.

• Chronos is the only calendar and event management application for Telligent Community. It allows users to insert calendars into any group and create, edit and view events and plan meetings at physical locations, enabling your community to become social on and offline.

• Scribus offers powerful, easy-to-use, advanced content management functionality built specifically for Telligent Community.

• Nexus is the only fully-extensible social network integration application for Telligent Community, leveraging global networks like Facebook and Twitter to raise community visibility. It allows users to login using with their established credentials and to share content and invite their friends, stimulating community growth through social networks.

"Telligent Community is the most stable, reliable and extensible community software on the market," said Robert Nash, a Four Roads partner. "Our tools take a great platform and make it even more powerful."

As a Telligent partner, Four Roads has worked with Telligent products since their creation, even contributing software research and development. With years of knowledge, experience and technical savvy, Four Roads is able to offer customizations specifically tailored for Telligent products.

"We are focused on developing a platform that our partners and customers can build on," said Rob Howard, founder and CTO of Telligent. "We are really excited about Four Roads' commitment to the Telligent platform."

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Launched in 2007, Four Roads has been dedicated to helping its customers build a dynamic web presence using social media and commerce. The company aims for the highest level of customer satisfaction. Its customers, who range from venture capital start-ups to giant corporations, have one thing in common: they recognize the importance of social media in modern web development and have discovered Four Roads' ability to deliver sites of real world value on time and within budget. To learn more about Four Roads products visit

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